Who is who in the Sirius Pup pack

The purpose of being a pup pack is to all be doing the same training to be a human pup as explained here. There is more information on what the Sirius Pup pack is about here, and an explanation of what a pack of human pups is about here. What follows below is the roster of members currently of the Sirius Pup Pack Australia. To find out who is who in the Sirius Pup Pack UK go here. 

Pup Boss - aka Sir

This is PupBoss. He is the Owner and Trainer of the pack. That means he is responsible for their training to be better human pups, and he claims a duty of care and responsibility towards the pack. He owns the pups, in that if someone asks to do something in pup play with a Sirius Pup, they gotta talk to the Boss first. Although PupBoss has and can do pup play for himself, he is not an active pup. He is focused on being a Master and leading his pack. Pup Boss lives in Sydney. You can read what he says about pup play and see him in vid here

GPup Alpha

This is Gpup. He is the Alpha of the pack. He has a specific job to do, which is to look out for the safety and interests of the other pups. It is explained in detail here, but in short it is in case the Boss gets too arbitrary or is crossing a line and causing suffering to a pack member, Alpha is there to step in and help Boss step back and see reason. Also, when the Boss is not around, Alpha is in charge. He is a thoughtful person, and independent. Alpha lives in Melbourne. You can read what he says about pup play and see him in vid here. 


This is Gryphon. He is a pup of the pack but he has chosen to also be a Servant/Slave, which is a separate relationship he has with his Owner. It means in practical terms he has his pup play with the pack, but does other activities with GPup and the Boss. He is a quiet pup when you first meet him, but once he gets to know you, his dominant side appears. He has a love of all things avian, so he chose the name Gryphon. Gryph lives in Sydney. You can read what he says about pup play and see him in vid here


This is Arrow. He has been a human pup for a while, living in our northern state Queensland and being involved with a pack up there. He was watching us and interacting with Boss for a few years, but was owned by another Master so there was a respectful line drawn on the interaction. Now he has moved to Sydney and has a new Master (PupBoss) and a new pack - the Sirius Pups. Arrow has some skills in BDSM and is always keen to learn and experience more. 



This is Beastpup. He is new to human pup play. He identifies more as a Bull than Dog, so we are expanding our repertoire over time to include what he needs. He married the Boss in October 2017 and moved to Sydney to live a new, albeit complicated but happy life. He has a background as a competitive bodybuilder, a trained writer, and a business owner. Now he is bringing his many skills to the Sirius Pup pack and developing new ones to better serve his husband and Master. 🐮


The pack developed over a few years, as explained here. There have been other pack members who were here for a time, but chose to leave. Things change, and not everyone is a perfect fit. Sometimes a pup decides to move on to other things because he can, and there is nothing wrong with that. We welcome some of the past members along to camps, other past members we wish well in their endeavours elsewhere. 

The qualities expected of a pup in our pack are virtues explained here. Boss has developed a policy of giving pups the opportunity to exit gracefully at any time, for those who don't find it is for them or wish to pursue other avenues of pup play. Of course, some pups may feel bitter or resentful at not being in the pack. This shit happens in life, and it's better for everyone to build a bridge and get over it. 

 Most of us in the pack live great distances from each other, which is why we developed this website