The Four Fundamentals

As a human pup follower of Shvan Yoga your path ahead has four main goals. They are to fulfil your duties as a pup honestly and loyally, to be successful and prosperous, to have fun, and to gain wisdom and greater understanding from your pup experience and become a more enlightened human being. The first three fundamentals are often explained as piety, profit, and pleasure. Or society, success, and sex. Or duty, domination,  and desire. The last fundamental is simply known as enlightenment and wisdom. The four together are the prime directives things you must follow in Shvan Yoga. 

Dharma  - any pup play you do, do it perfectly.

Whatever you do, do good. 

Being a human pup means recognising you are choosing to behave and embody a dog, to be as a dog, and that means you do what you are meant to do as a dog, and do it to the best of your capacity. Be a good pup, not simply by being obedient but by being good at pup play as well. 

As a human pup you are on the lowest spiritual rung of the ladder of society, an untouchable, and you should be using gear that is black so that your status is shown.

Being in this class of people, a human pup can and should engage in all kinds of piggy, dirty, taboo sex that they wish to. As explained in the reverence for Bhairava, you will use your impure and filthy sex practices as a pup to become a cleaner and purer human being. There is great sexual freedom in being a human pup, but you still do these five duties expected of you. These duties are called your Dharma - your work to being a good pup. 

The Upanishads speak of matter, all the stuff of the world, as being in three strands - goodness and lucidity (Sattva) is white, and represented by the cow. Energy and passion (Rajas) is red, and represented by the horse. The humble low class dog is darkness, inertia, entropy and black. So all human pups of Shvan Yoga should wear black when in pup play. 

- you must honour Bhairava Shiva, the God of Human Pup Play, for he has provided a Path for pup to follow. You will perform the appropriate rituals to thank Bhairava Shiva for his blessing in your play. 

- you must be loyal and dutiful to your Master, and repay the debt you owe him from his teaching and instructing you in bdsm and pup play. A pup supports his Master, and is devoted and faithful in all things with him. Pup passes on the knowledge he has learnt when his Master deems that pup is wise enough to do so. 

- you will treat other pups who are your clan and pack as if they were like gods. You don't merely be courteous with them, you show all of the pups of your clan great respect and reverence.

- everyone else is treated with respect and care as well, in a degree based on their status in the world. Given that a human pup is the lowest of the low, when in pup play you are going to treat all human beings as more important than you. 

- you have an obligation to all other living beings to treat them with kindness and help when appropriate. 

Artha - live long and prosper pup

It is important that your engagement with human pup play be materially rewarding as well. You should have a comfortable lifestyle as a human, and strive to lead a happy, healthy, and prosperous life as a human pup. However, your profit and gain should be done ethically, and never in a way that compromises your duties, your Dharma. So you can and should make money, and you should find ways to be successful at human pup play being in your life. 

Artha also means "meaning". Your stuff, your gear as a human pup, should 'mean' something to you, and not merely be equipment. So you must make an effort to acquire gear that is valuable and will be precious and have meaning to you. Your hood, your tail, your collar, any gear you have should have some personal meaning. 

Sex is an innate part of Shvan Yoga and human pup play

Kama - pup play is fun and games, with rules

Human pup play is about sexual fun, yet it is meant to be done in a healthy and disciplined manner. As mentioned earlier, all kinds of kinky naughty acts can be done in human pup play, and it's entirely right and appropriate. What is important is that all this fun and debauchery is done as a human pup, not as a human being. Sex and play is to be celebrated and enjoyed pup, within the context set up by your Master. 

Kama is very important, as it is related to the process by which a human pup releases his guilt and inhibitions while indulging in pleasure. By learning and practising human pup play, a person gains self knowledge and a better understanding of themselves. A pup must also be brave to surrender to his pleasure, yet be disciplined and have self control to come out of his pup space afterwards.

Moksha - the goal of Shvan Yoga

Despite the fulfilment of loyalty and duty for a human pup, no matter how wonderful his gear is, no matter how passionate and exciting pup play is, there will be something missing. That is because the ultimate goal of Shvan Yoga is for you to become wiser, and free yourself of negativity. The path of pup play is to lead you to being free from what holds you back, and closer to everyone and everything. It is very important to not get absolutely lost in the simple physical pleasures because you will lose touch with the basis of your spirit pup. Your soul is important, and the care of that is most important. Being dedicated to all above is part of the path that leads to a greater oneness and empathy with the universe. 

You destroy your impurities and imperfections as you follow the path of Shvan Yoga -  you bravely embrace the animal within you and learn to do your Dharma dutifully, prospering with your Artha, enjoying your Kama properly, and coming to  a greater understanding of everything in life in Moksha.