Second Collar Training - Scent

Time to smell everything manly

First Collar training taught you to smell yourself pup. Now it is time to move on and smell others. Rather than have you sniffing old ladies on the bus, or getting arrested because you are chasing school kids to sniff their hair, we will place sensible limits on what to scent and stick to those.

Firstly, you need to follow some behavioural rules when using your nose with anyone other than yourself. Approaching another pup, or your Owner and Trainer is done with respect. Approaching a non pup scene guy is done not only with respect, but with discretion and wherever possible permission. 

Your Owner and Trainer

Present yourself to your Sir, and once given permission to approach, do so. Take your time to sniff and smell over your masters body. His armpits, his arse, his crotch, his feet. All those places are mandatory for a pup to sniff out. Anywhere else is optional pup. You should already recognise your Owners scent from his underwear you sniff regularly. But now you should start sniffing his shoes whenever you can, his shorts, his shirt. When your master leaves clothes lying around, make a bee line for them and sniff away.

Other Pups

Approach on all fours. Wait for the other pup to get his head into pupspace properly. Then crawl over to him, sniff his arse. Sniff around his tail. Sniff his nuts. The other pup is probably trying to do the same to you. Let him have access to sniff you and identify you by smell. Sniff only his arse and nuts. Leave his pup cock alone, and do not sniff anywhere else unless directed by your handler.

Other people

Let your handler, your Owner and Trainer direct you as to what is appropriate. In a crowd, it is only appropriate to sniff someone if they present their armpit or crotch to you. Do not ever sniff a strangers arse in a crowd. It's possibly unhealthy and you don't want to risk your health and your packmates by getting yourself to close to someone you don't know in a crowd. It also sends a wrong message of disrespect for you as a pup. treating you more like a sub slave than a pup.

If you are alone, you need to use common sense from your human mind. For example, I heard from a pup who enjoyed having a discrete sniff of a guys armpit as they were pressed up against each other  on a train ride. The key word there was discreet. If you can take a sniff of a guys armpit, and it is not going to cause a scene or upset him (if he is not even going to notice) then do so pup. 

Find a friend, know your partner

Take every opportunity to sniff your partners jocks, socks, shoes, and your partner himself. Don't harass your partner, because no one likes a demanding annoying pup. But when you can, and it won't annoy, sniff your man. If you don't have a partner, then find a friend or house-mate who you can sniff their jocks, socks, shoes. Be discreet so as not to freak them out, but take the time to know their scent. Maybe you can ask a buddy to let you sniff his armpits when you see him. Every pup needs a male friend who lets him check his scent out.

Who not to sniff

Never kids. It really shouldn't need an explanation, but no parent wants to see their child being sniffed by an adult. As for canine dogs, well, never sniff them without their owners present. A canine can easily become confused by you, a human, adopting canine behaviour, and you are in for a world of trouble if the mutt takes you seriously and gets territorial. Avoid someone you used to date or loved, as it can send the wrong signals. And complete strangers are almost always a no no. Of course, you might have a raunchy casual sex encounter with a guy. Take your time and sniff his crotch as you are down there. Enjoy licking his armpit. It is pretty easy to do the sniffing and scenting as part of the raunchy sex.