Moral Conduct

all that you do reflects on your worth as a pup

You must master your mind to be a good pup. Mind is the master of your body, it forms a basis for the activities you do in pup play. If your mind is not in pupspace, if your thinking is not wise, then delusions and stupid thoughts naturally arise. Once stupid thoughts and delusions are created, your perception of truth is no longer clear. When your perception of truth is no longer clear, what is Right and wrong is confused. You act like an idiot based on false ideas from a confused and unruly mind. Therefore, to be a Proper Pup, you must master your mind, and in mastering your mind you seek to be a good pup.  

Your expression of yourself pup reflects upon your Master and your pack - so behave properly always

When you are a good pup, your behaviour is harmonious, your breath quiet, your posture dignified, your body firm. Silly and foolish conceptions and ideas, emotional thinking and moods all melt away in the Proper Pups frame of mind. When you control your mind this way, your pup self will shine. After this, if you guide people who are lost and confused, who would not follow your path to puphood?

When you are asleep, sleep as a Proper pup. When you are eating, eat as a Proper pup. You will train and learn to behave as a pup so you can use the language of a pup to get your point across. Yet you are not a dog, you are a human pup. A Proper pup has a solemn expression to show respect for others and reverence for the way of his Master. A dog is wild and barbaric. You are your Masters human pup, not a wild dog. 

You should not go too far afield in your travels from your Master, and if you must do so, your whereabouts should always be known. You are in his charge, though the path to puphood is yours.  

To do the observance of actions for Master, to show what you have learnt and been taught, is an overcoming of your human self and constitutes a Proper Pup. The practice of being a Proper Pup depends on you alone, and not on the behaviour of others, nor their caring for what you do. It is not the failure of others to appreciate your abilities that should trouble you, but rather your own lack of ability and learning.  

A pup can be prone to three errors before his Master - to speak before being spoken to by Master is rash; not to speak when spoken to by him is to be evasive and rude; to speak without observing what is on Masters face is to be blind.  

In serving your Master you ought to dissuade him from doing wrong in the gentlest way. If you see your advice being ignored pup, you should never become disobedient. You must remain reverent and dutiful. You should not complain, even if remaining quiet is wearisome. A Proper Pup lets the Right behaviour lead the way, and can be assured that his wise Master will find the Right path eventually.