First Collar Training - Gear

Your pup self doesn't require anything special for you to wear. You can get into the "pupzone" in a t-shirt and shorts any time you like once you have created your pup persona and established that pupzone in your mental headspace. That was a bit of jargon there, but your FCT MInd lesson will help you comprehend what the pup head space is about. Although special outfits and gear aren't totally necessary, they are still a great part of the journey to becoming a pup. Your first two pieces of equipment, or gear, are provided by your Owner Trainer.

Collar n Tail 

The Collar is presented so that you when you are emotionally ready, you bring your collar to your Owner Trainer, kneel and ask to be a pup. This is explained under FCT Obedience. It is a straightforward action, a clear choice. To move beyond the First Collar and become a pup you will have to do it. However, it is very important you take your time and not rush the choice. Make it with a clear mind and open heart and your path ahead will be a good one. After offering it, your new Owner Trainer will carefully place it around your neck, and you're now embracing becoming a pup. You only wear that collar under the direction of your Owner Trainer. To begin with, it will be for short periods during training sessions. You may notice that more advanced pack members wear a different collar. That signifies they have moved on to a Second Collar and are at level of training. The early collar you will wear will be a simple leather collar. It resembles a conventional dog collar for a reason - you are becoming a pup. Do not buy this first collar yourself and wear it, for it is important that the wearing of the collar is done in association with training only and be a gift. 

The Tail is quite simply a butt plug that resembles a dogs tail. Once again there is no rush with this gear. Over time you will feel comfortable both mentally and physically to put the plug in and wear it during a training session. As with the Collar, do not buy your first one as your Owner Trainer provides it for you. The tail may seem intimidating at first. Don't stress over it. You will take the tail home with you and practice. Every few days, when you are alone in bed or comfortable on the lounge, masturbate and enjoy your cock. Take the tail and rub the knob end against your arsehole. Slowly rub it. If you think you are ready, lube the knob and your arsehole, and gently ease it in. You may want your Owner Trainer to be with you for the first entry of your tail. If you have experience with dildos and plugs, then that's a great idea to leave it for being Boss. If you aren't accustomed to a plug or cock in your arse, then you need to do this practice exercise a lot. 

Taking your tail out and caring for it is a simple process too pup, as explained in the following video.