for you are nothing without society

Your pup self is like the bright moon in the sky - it is only because it is covered by floating clouds that it cannot appear.

When you are settled in your pupspace, your human mind is unaffected by worldly distractions, it is calm. You will leave the human world behind while being in the midst of human society. 

When you have no thoughts, pupspace is easy to find. Thoughtlessness does not mean insensitivity to others or ignorance of knowledge and consequence. It means your human mind is stable and does not get stirred up by situations and circumstances your pup self encounters, it means your pup self does not grasp at anything before or to come, and you live in the moment. Your behaviour reflects your thoughtlessness.

A Proper Pup will not sit unless his mat is straight. 

For pups of all times, the Right approach to pup play essentially lies in adapting. Those pups who do not know how to adapt stick to the letter of Masters instruction and cling to training lessons, they get stuck on forms and mired in sentiments. What they have learnt has become full of prejudices and arrogance. None of these pups are a Proper Pup. Because the path to puphood has no partiality - any howl will be echoed. A Proper Pup always exists in a community, not in of himself. 

Connections between things are important

Although respect for Masters teachings and obedience are Correct and Right, wise and experienced pups know to counter the ordinary, they adapt against the tendency to make established forms of pup play a dogma. Masters teachings are lore that is wisely understood and learnt from, not canon to be followed religiously. A Proper Pup does not fail to change responsively by sticking to one thing. This is because community has many voices, not a single word. 

When you set your mind to be a pup, you should always make the path before you wide open, so that all people may traverse it. If the path to puphood is narrow and difficult, so that other pups cannot go on it with you, then you will not have any place to set a paw down either.  

Everything in training relates to each other, there is no true separation into categories. The learning is learning, and it is your measure of self worth. To love being a pup without loving learning is liable to lead to foolishness. You will behave like a dickhead without learning why. To love your own cleverness without loving learning is liable to lead to deviation from the Right path. You will become arrogant and assume you know better. To love trustworthiness in word and loyalty without loving learning is liable to lead to harmful behaviour. You can end up being an idiot follow a stupid order. To love forthrightness and honestly without loving learning is liable to lead to intolerance. You will become happy to hear your own opinion and mock others. To love courage without loving learning is liable to lead to insubordination. You will act without thinking better of it. To love unending strength without loving learning is liable to lead to indiscipline. You will resist when you should at times submit. 

If a pup is Proper in his puphood, then there will be obedience without orders being given; but if he is not a Proper Pup, there will not be obedience even though orders are given. A Proper Pup obeys his Master and should give his Owner and Trainer no other cause for anxiety than illness.