What is a healthy life as a human pup?

Any person identifying as a human pup might not be sure whether they are doing ok and living life well. Truly life has its ups and downs, and it's hard to see the good things in your life when bad things are happening. Every person has their own criteria to judge their life by, often religious and cultural. Each person has to look to their own lifestyle and practice for what suits them. Here at Sirius Pup we try to have a specific guideline taken from a secular work on healthy living, and derived from the UN Human Rights charter. It is not meant to be a "you must do", rather it is a "what to aim for" for a healthy human pup life. 
If you don't think you are doing so well, we have a companion site - the pupsafeproject - which can lead you to help and advice for any human pup in distress. 

Our guide to a healthy good life as a human pup

A life cannot be thought good which is harmful in its impact on others, or results in the perversion of the possibilities and capacities of the person living it. So you need to not hurt others. You have to not take away other peoples opportunities to live and grow. 

A choice of life has to be able to stand up to scrutiny, a fact that rules out irresponsible, destructive, wasteful lives as good. So you need to be open to be judged as not being criminal and harmful to the world around you. You need to be able to look at yourself as an outsider would and see that you aren't destructive and horrible to others and your world. 

A good life is worth living, it's a fruitful and flourishing life, a life that has an impact on others. So your life has you growing and developing, and you influence and are noticed by others. 

Good lives seem meaningful and purposeful. So you can feel that there is meaning to being alive, that you have a purpose in the world, in your day. 

They are lives centred on relationships, having at their core real intimacy - love or friendship - with one or more people. So your life has people in it whom you are open to and intimate with. 

They are lives of activity - of doing, making, and learning. So you do things in life, and you make and learn. 

A good life is consistently marked by honesty and authenticity. So you live life as yourself, not pretending to be what you are not. 

A good life is manifest autonomy, the acceptance of responsibility for the choices that shape the course of the life. So you live life for you, on your terms, and you accept responsibility for what you do. 

A good life has aesthetically positive point of view, as the experience of living it feels rich or satisfying. So your life has beauty in it, and it is a pleasure to be you. 

Be happy in your life as a human and human pup