The goal is to release the dog inside you. It is an animal that hides beneath the layers of humanity you possess, an animal frequently suppressed by human convention and mores. It is a pure, simple animal - devoid of guilt or shame. An animal of want and need, expressing itself instinctively.

Pup Boss Jyan

About Sirius Pups

The Sirius Pup Pack was formed July 2012. It is a pack (a term for a bunch of people) led by PupBoss Jyan, which is centred on training and educating ourselves in pup play in Australia and having a safe place to play. We choose to focus on loyalty, mutual support and personal development, with every pack member looking out for one another. We engage in consensual BDSM, yet the level of intimacy is up to each pup in our pack to determine what works for them.

Over time we have evolved to include other pups in play and training who aren't 'owned' by the Boss and live far away from us. Expectations of these pups are less than what the pack delivers, but altogether we are a community interested in Sirius Pup Training. We call this the Sirius Pup Clan. 

About Pup Boss Jyan

Hi there, my name's Jyan Craig. My pups call me Sir, or Boss. I started pup play formally in 2005, and had a break from it as I focused on my relationship at that time. In mid 2012 I resumed pack mastery again, and I am the proud owner and trainer of the Sirius Pup Pack.

I am an ordinary guy who shift works for the railway, and have plenty of friends and pastimes to keep me busy. My personal life may seem complicated so I made a video here to explain it. 

Pup training is a passion for me, bringing together a lot of disparate skill I possess to focus on a great outcome - having a loyal loving pup to explore BDSM with. I am grateful to loved ones and my close circle of friends who are able to see beyond the sex to see puphood as something worth respecting. 

I am a Zen Buddhist of a few decades, who takes no drugs, doesn't drink alcohol (except champagne at weddings etc) and is STD free and rational and sane. My pups don't have to be all of those things but being sane is a must - being mentally and emotionally stable is not negotiable. I will not train a damaged pup. It can be that a person experiences distress and needs to avoid pup training for a while - and that's definitely ok by me.  

Pup Boss at Sydney Gay Mardi Gras parade

Why Sirius?

The name Sirius was suggested by my partner at the time the pack was formed, and it resonated with the core of where we are coming from - a serious and committed group of healthy men seeking a path in human pup play. Once suggested it just clicked with me that of course we had to be named Sirius, as that star has been associated with dogs since, well, since we looked up at stars and named them.

Sirius is the brightest star in our sky, in the constellation Canis Major - that is "Big Dog" in Latin. There are actually two dog constellations, Canis Major and Minor, and they are the dogs of Orion. In the sky they appear to be chasing the constellation Lepus "the Hare" and harassing the constellation Taurus "the Bull". The story of Canis Major, as one of Orion the Hunter's dogs, has Canis Major sitting up in a begging position with a watchful eye, represented by the star Sirius, on the nearby Hare. That was recorded in the 4th century CE, and is what most people know of Sirius and the Dog constellation.

This story exemplifies how a Sirius pup is attentive and ready to act. 

Before this time though, the star Sirius was always associated with dogs. Universally the dog was worshipped as a guardian by cultures around the world who kept dogs, sometimes guarding the dead or taking the dead souls back to where they came from. The ancient Egyptians named their guardian dog Anubis. They believed that Sirius the star represented the goddess Isis, who was not only mother goddess but a mistress of skills and insight. Her husband Osiris, father of life, was shown in the sky in the nearby constellation which we call Orion. All three of these gods ruled over the souls of the living and the dead. Sirius and the guardian dog were vital to ancient Egyptians, who watched the star's movement in the sky as a beacon for the passage of newborn souls. 

Our pack takes meaning from this story as it shows how our pup self is like a separate spirit that is born in us, yet that pup self guards us in life, and we follow it to develop in skill and insight. 

The constellation Canis Major, has been called many names over the millennia, and most often it is mentioned in stories by its Alpha star, Sirius. The earliest recorded stories by European cultures named the constellation where Sirius is located "The Dog of the Sun", and the star itself was seen to be held in the Dog's mouth. "Sirius" is from ancient Greek and means "The Shining One" as it was clearly visible and stood out amongst all the stars in the sky.

 Our pack recognises that we will shine and be visible, not hiding our pup play from the world. 

For most of its history, Sirius has had a meaning astrologically as a star. It was considered to confer fame and honour, similar to the presence of the planet Jupiter. An association with the planet Mars also meant that Sirius signified someone who was faithful and a brave guardian. Those influenced by the star were said to be desiring power, and could sometimes push things too far too fast. Now Sirius is simply our brightest star, after the Sun. Yet as the song in the video above says, "guiding star, light the way", we take pride in our packs name and meaning.