The name I identify with is Gpup. To be honest I think Gpup came up as a way of separating my pup and personal profiles. G is my first initial and Gpup just seemed to fit nicely.

My first introduction to being a pup was meeting a wonderful, friendly leather pup when visiting Dore Alley in San Francisco. He was very kind and both he and his handler were so friendly and open. I felt a strong affinity to these guys and have always identified as a pup. This good experience lead to me purchasing my first hood but I did not end out wearing it until years later when I met my master Pup Boss. I was very excited to be finally able to wear my hood. Being collared on that Wednesday afternoon was a very special moment in my life as a pup.  Under Master's training I have flourished as a pup while feeling safe supported and loved. I have always been interested in kink though not as hard core as some. I have an interest in bondage and rubber however I've found that rubber community in Australia has been difficult to find. While my interest has been strong I have always felt on the outside as I never had friends who were interested in the same was I was. Joining the pup community has been a perfect opportunity to enjoy my kink side

I'm never looking back! I consider myself fortunate to have an open, polyamorous relationship that has allowed me to explore my love of pup play, rubber, S&M with my master. I consider myself very fortunate to have the support of my partner as I enjoy and explore my kink sides.

Outside of pup play I am a bit of a computer geek. I love creating websites and videos that help teach and share ideas. My websites have allowed me a space to share passions in a way that has allowed some remuneration for the effort. I definitely get a kick out of seeing my sites shared and become profitable. The added funds allow me to purchase some of the gear that is a little more expensive.

I definitely identify as a German Shepherd. Strong, sleek and fiercely protective and loyal.  When riled up I can be aggressive and angry however with people I love and feel comfortable and I all about the snuggles, belly scratches and relaxation. I can be a bit fretful and anxious at times and this again is a common GSD trait. Exploring my pup side has enabled me to explore and focus much of my desires to enjoy S&M as well as pleasure with other like minded guys. Pup hood gives me a structure that has allowed me to grow and learn more about what turns me on as a man.

When I first started I didn't truly realise what I was going to learn but with each additional skill I have found much enjoyment, pride and pleasure in exploring the kinkier, piggier side that really gets my cock throbbing nice and hard. My pup side has allowed me to submit and to feel safe while under the care of my amazing master. I feel much stronger as a person, as a man and a gay man now that I have a true feeling of what brings me pleasure and what does not.

Being a pup has also taught me discipline and working for a common goal to ensure good outcomes. Even simple training such as the care of my equipment has taught me pride and how to show that pride in my day to day work. One of my goals of being a pup is to be able to travel to some of the major kink and pup events across the world. I would love to represent my master and pack at events such as IML, Folsom Europe and to visit International Puppy Contest. While I don't feel like I would like to compete in these events I do feel I have a lot to contribute to the community and by being present there I will have opportunities to offer what I have learned.