Second Collar Training - Communication

As a pup, you have worked on your physical presentation, and on your mental headspace. Much of what you have learnt is internal. Now has come the time for you to learn some fundamental behaviour to shape you into a pup as a whole, not simply a pup of bits n pieces of experience. 

In your Second Collar Communication we teach you to be "consistently respectful", which is a style of communication you will use towards your Owner and Trainer and all others in your Pack. The partners and loved ones of your Pack mates should by extension of good grace, be included as well. Being consistently respectful involves two specific styles of interacting that you must adopt pup.

Firstly, you should do actions that are good for your Owner and Trainer, and for your fellow pups. Your actions should show consideration, and be positive and good for relationships with Sir and with the Pack - whether or not you get the same treatment in return. 

Secondly, you should always be constructive in all that you do with and for the Pack, with you focusing on you being a good pup - regardless of whether you like who you are interacting with. 

You are all pups in this together

Being respectful and positive is not hard pup. Being consistently respectful means you still have to be respectful and considerate even when your Master, or another pup, might make it hard for you to be respectful. It's a challenge, and you have to resist the urge to put conditions on whether a Pack mate gets your respect. You must show everyone in your pack respect consistently, with no exceptions or conditions. 

You not only work towards doing good things for your Master and the Pack, you not only show respect and are considerate at all times - you set no requirements to do this. You are going to be "consistently respectful" no matter what is going on.  

This appoach to communication helps you be a better pup and live better with and within the Pack. Being respectful during differences of opinion means that discussion is lively and creative rather than confrontational and personal. It's easier to open up and explore pup play knowing that you are respected, and the Pack comes together as pups can work together to overcome obstacles. 

Adopting a consistently respectful way of communicating is not done by willpower alone pup. You have four standards that you can measure yourself by, and your working to achieve those standards - then raising them to go higher makes you a great pup. You don't do this alone, as your Master is with you every step of the way.  

1: Think in the long term - it's important to always consider that your Pack and Master are not temporarily in your life. So if you feel you might be disrespectful, hold yourself still and quiet, taking a moment to consider the long term. It might be better to not damage relations at all with a disagreement. A misunderstanding can be smoothed over easier now rather than weakening your Pack's faith in you.  Being consistently respectful means building your relationships in the Pack for their long term potential, not for a quick thrill of the pup play of the day. You will be relating to Packmates and Sir for a long time to come. Do it well. 

2: The other point of view is always considered - which simply means you make an effort to understand where a Packmate or Sir is coming from, giving their statements and thoughts at least a moment of your time and not just being devoted to your own point of view. Being consistently respectful means you listen and show you understand what is being said to you first, before you push your own view forward. You will realise that everyone has an opinion, and equally should be heard. 

3: Packmates don't need fixing, problems do - though the shortcomings of your Packmates will be obvious at times, it's not your task to make note of them or to fix them pup - that's for each individual pup to do for themselves with their Masters help. Being consistently respectful means whenever you encounter a difficulty, you focus on the problem, not the pup. You do all you can not to blame anyone, and you don't carry another pups problems but instead refer him to Sir. 

4: Your Pack is your team - so you always approach members of the Pack as partners and comrades, not enemies and adversaries.  Think of them as your team and on your side. You don't have to be in love with any other Pack member, not deeply committed to them emotionally. You don't have to be best friends, but you do have to be friendly all the time. Being consistently respectful means you will cooperate with Packmates rather than conflict, working together to accomplish things. You are not a solo pup, you are part of a Pack. 

Your Owner and Trainer will talk with you regularly pup and discuss how respectful you are being. As you get better at it, you will help create a Pack environment where everyone communicates freely and is heard and feels supported.