The Qualities of a Sirius Pup

When you engage in not being a human for a period, when you seek to leave your human socialised self behind, you will also be abandoning normal behaviours that have been your moral and ethical ways to interact in any given situation. As responsible people, we Sirius Pups do not wish to abandon ethics at all, as explained here in First Collar Training Interaction.

We set out to embrace a set of virtues from which we create a new moral code that works within human pup play, so you are ethical as a pup as well as a person. Click on each of the trait titles below to read the full article on each trait. 

Taking on the role of a Sirius Pup means taking on the values detailed below


Bravery is the ability to do what needs to be done despite fear. A pup doesn't usually demonstrate bravery in the field of battle. More often he shows it by resisting peer pressure regarding a morally questionable shortcut. For example, it would often be easier to take drugs and fantasise in the privacy of your own home and pretend to be a pup. It might also be considered preferable by some as it would spare onlookers and the world having to witness such out of the ordinary behaviour as seeing an adult parade about in a dog mask and wagging a tail from their butt. A pup is brave by doing the unpopular but correct thing. The right thing for them. Expressing their inner pup self openly and honestly. And by being brave, the pup feels good by doing the right thing. The morally questionable shortcut of fantasy doesn't give a pup confidence and self esteem.

Rational Calm

If a man is having trouble engaging with humanity, then for me, he is likely to be trouble as a pup. Your outlook as a person should be positive, your emotional life stable, your mindset a healthy norm, to get the maximum out of puphood. Being a pup is a release and an escape from life's stresses, but don't think for a moment you can bring the baggage to pup training and expect me to carry it for you. It is that simple. 


The open heart is the most essential of openness, as there has to be a bond of love and care between owner and pup for me. Pups who wish emotional distance, I respect that, but they are not going to be a Sirius Pup.  So I am committed to having an Open Mind towards all kinds of pups and their choice of identity. I am committed to having Open Arms and taking the Sirius Pup forward to become the pup we both want. And I am committed to having an Open Heart and loving my pups, as I love my best friends, my family, my loved ones. A pup is for life, not just the next hour.  


A good pup is a good person, at least in some serious and substantial way. He possesses a strength of character that leads him to create a good life for himself and others. That strength of a pup should never diminish others in his vicinity, rather it serves as a strength for others to lean on or be inspired by. But what strength am I talking about? Well, it would be a virtue of character, a trait such as kindness, curiosity, passion for play, compassion, rationality, to name a few. This virtue needs to be obvious to me; it needs to actually be present when I meet a pup or interact for the first time, so that I can see that the virtue actually manifests in a pups thoughts, feelings, and actions. You can say you are a brave pup, but you need to show it as a human being as well, across all situations and over time, not just in an instant of pup play.  


Everyone experiences curiosity, but a pup has to translate that trait into action. Elsewhere I talked about how an open mind is essential for a Trainer. A pup needs it too. He has to show some openness to what is the novel and inventive fantasy play that is puphood. I look to the prospective pup to be prepared to explore the feelings and values of pup training too, because he will need that willingness to understand himself better as he learns and grows. 


Perseverance is also known as the personal quality of persistence, when a pup willingly continues in acting towards his goals despite obstacles, problems, even discouragement. It is a trait integral to pup training. It may seem less valuable to those who simply wish to put a hood on and play at being a pup. And that is fair enough. However, attaining a pup headspace, the pupzone, is not done easily and almost always requires training and practice. Which in turn requires perseverance. 

We have these ethical values together so we treat everyone in pup play rightly and well