Kink and fetish is part of human pup play - decide what you want to do

What are my boundaries of action in human pup play?

As a pup in training, you are going to perform outside your human comfort zone to be sure. That is the basis of your training in Territory and other tasks. It is helpful to know where your comfort level is to begin with for a lot of sexual and fetish play activities that 'can' occur in human pup play. The emphasis is on 'can' - a lot of them are not required. Yet knowing what you are keen and not so keen on doing helps your Owner and Trainer in your path to puphood. 

I want to do this action in pup play *
I want to do this action in pup play
Choose a level of agreement. - So, if you really want to do the kink/fetish activity select Strongly Agree. If you never want to do it select Strongly Disagree. Scale yourself on how you feel about performing that act in human pup play training
Anal sex (being fucked/Bottom)
Anal sex (fucking someone else/Top)
Anal Play (fondling arse)
Animal Roleplay (pretend to be an animal)
Bathroom permission control (be told when you can go)
Bondage - light (simple restraints and bondage)
Boot Worship (licking a Master's boots)
Butt Plug (tail inserted in your arse)
Cages (locked inside a cage/cell)
Chains (being bound with chains)
Chastity devices (wearing a cock cage)
Cock Worship (licking Masters cock)
Collars (you wear in private)
Collars (you wear in public)
Examinations (being checked over nude)
Exhibitionism (before other pups)
Exhibitionism (before friends)
Exhibitionism (before strangers)
Eye contact restrictions (told where/when you can stare)
Fellatio (you give head to a guy)
Following Orders (your obedient)
Foot Worship (you lick Masters feet)
Golden Showers (you are urinated on)
Group Play (sex in a group)
Homage with tongue (you lick Master)
Hoods (you wear a full head hood)
Kneeling (on your knees before Master)
Leather Restraints (you are restrained)
Leather (you wear it)
Massage (you give it)
Massage (you receive it)
Masturbation (you jerk off in front of Master)
Medical Scenes (examined by a Doctor/Vet)
Modeling for erotic photos
Name Change (you are given another name in play)
Neoprene (you wear it)
Nipple Play (yours are played with)
Orgasm Control (Master decides when you cum)
Outdoor scenes (play or sex outdoors)
Pain - mild (light sado masochism play)
Pearl Shower (cum on face)
Phone Sex (or cyber over net)
Piss Play (you piss on others or places)
Pony Play (being an equine)
Pup Play (being a canine)
Rimming (you lick someones arsehole)
Rimming (someone licks your arse)
Rope Bondage (light restraint of you)
Rubber/latex clothing (you wear it)
Serving other Doms (you serve another Master under supervision)
Shared (you are given to another temporarily)
Shaving (you are shaved in places on your body)
Spandex Clothing (you wear it)
Spanking - light (you are spanked)
Speech Restrictions (you are controlled in what you can voice)
Standing in corner (as a punishment for you)
Swallowing semen (you drink cum)
Swallowing urine (you drink piss)
Switching Roles (you can Top or Bottom)
Videotaped Scenes (play in front of camera)
Wrestling (light play with other pups)
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