Four Ways of Movement

Inu jyutsu is not simply an art you practice in your mind, it also requires you to practice movement. The serene pup of Inu Jyutsu must have a specific state of mind and body. You must be relaxed, centred, mentally calm, and conscious of your centre of gravity at all times as a pup. The way to do this is to follow the Four Ways of Movement step by step.

Concentrate on your One Point

1: Centre of Gravity

Whatever posture or position you are in as a pup, find your centre of gravity of your body mass. Before engaging in any activity in pup play, all your movement should truly originate from this point. Your SCT Body exercise showed you how to find your centre of gravity when on all fours. Once you are accustomed to that technique it is easy to adapt it to other postures. Once you have found it, then you must attend to it mentally.

Close your eyes and focus on attending to your body and sensations you are experiencing. Your early training in FCT Mind helped you develop proper attention to your body sensations. Find your centre of gravity, and move your mind there. Let that point be the place where you pay attention to bodily sensation. Block out and ignore all others as you focus on the centre of gravity, and feel yourself becoming more calm and centred. This is your One Point of movement. Keep your connection with your One Point at all times. 

2: Relax completely  

You must be relaxed to perform at the best of your skill at pup play. In order to show your excellent technique of behaviour and pup expression, you should be as relaxed as possible. You must also also be relaxed to truly connect to your One Point of movement, your centre of gravity. Anxiety and distress, feelings and emotions should be banished from your mind. Your pup self will manifest best when you are still and relaxed and centred.

3: Weight underside

Just as relaxing completely flows from keeping focused on your One Point, that centre of gravity, so does keeping your weight underside flow naturally from relaxing completely. As you relax your body you will relax any tension in your muscles, and allow your body weight to fall towards the earth. This helps find your centre of gravity better. Keeping your weight downwards, underside, makes it easier for you to move in a flowing, balanced, and centred manner. 

4: Get into your pupzone

Once you are connected with your centre of gravity, completely relaxed and with your weight underside, you are ready to go into your pupzone. The fourth step of movement is to move always in your pupzone, without hesitation coming from human thought or second guessing. Inu jyutsu is the means to allow your pup self to flow easily and steadily through your body as you execute your pup play training. With your dedication of will, with discipline of mind, with practice of movement, you will move and be your pup self. 


The japanese martial art Aikido provides the sound fundamentals for all movement as a pup