Trustworthy Speech

a Master is true to his word and his pup knows it

There are four things a Proper pup refuses to do: you refuse to entertain conjectures, or insist on certainty, you refuse to be inflexible, or to be egotistical. A Proper pup understands that words should be direct and honest, yet they can be interpreted differently by members of the pack. So a Proper Pup listens to others in the pack and do not put himself above them in conversation. 

What has long been neglected cannot be restored immediately. Mistakes that have been accumulating for a long time cannot be cleared away immediately. A pup cannot enjoy himself forever. Human emotions cannot be just right every time. Calamity cannot be avoided by trying to run away from it. Any pup who realises these five things can be in a pack without misery. Yet to become a Proper Pup you need to have faith in your Masters teaching. 

In serving his Master a Proper Pup will approach his duties with reverence and consider his pleasure as of secondary importance.  

A Master will speak and expect his words to be obeyed by his pups. As a Master if you choose to guide your pups by edicts, keep them in line with punishments, your pups will stay out of trouble but will have no sense of shame. If instead you guide your pups by virtue, keep them in line with sensible practices, they will - besides having a sense of shame - reform themselves. Your pups will trust your words and obey you as Master.

There are three essentials to Mastery as an Owner and Trainer: humanity, clarity, and courage.  

Humanely practising pup play promotes the positive influence of learning pup play, pacifies those in both low and high positions in the pack, and delights those who watch pup play. A Master must be a human and bring his humanity to the task of teaching his pups.   

A Master with clarity follows proper behaviour and just duty to his pups, recognising what is safe and what is dangerous, examines pups to see whether they are wise or foolish, and distinguishes right from wrong. A Master must be a guardian of rightfulness and positive development in guiding his human pups as they lose their human minds and embrace their pup self. 

The courageous Master sees training through to its conclusion, training his pup without doubt. He gets rid of whatever is wrong or fake in human pup play. Brave Masters will not abandon their pups in difficult times, and will be confident in what they teach. 

Whenever all three essentials are present in a Master, a pack thrives. When one is lacking, the pack deteriorates. When two are lacking, the pack is in peril, and when there is not one of these three, the way of leading a pup to become a Proper Pup is ruined.  

Both Master and pup must trust each other and know that behind their words and actions are noble hearts.  

Aim for the best in yourself