The Sirius Pup Guide to Intimate Relationships in a Pack

This is a series of articles explaining the "it's complicated" relationship status of our pack members. Whilst it is not necessary to explain ourselves to the world at large, and we do deserve a right to some privacy in our affairs of love and sex, it is helpful to share our perspective so that anyone outside of the pack can come to a greater understanding of an alternative lifestyle, that whilst it may not be for them, it works for us. These articles are crafted by myself and my servant Dion, and I apologise to him and you for taking a lot of words to express some points. Bear with me though, as the whole of the articles puts together a framework worth understanding. 

Judgement happens

It is not the position of our pack to pass judgement on the romantic or intimate lives of others.

Yet we inevitably do. We all do. Our social mores, our beliefs on how reasonable people should live bring us to judge them. We decide in our heads what are dangerous and extreme behaviours we don't want and don't think others should do. For example, at the very least our sirius pack members strongly disapprove of raping and murdering someone. That is unacceptable for us, and we tend to assume it is repugnant to you too. So, let's be honest, we do pass judgement. 

Perhaps it is better to say "we do our best to be reasonable people in our pack, and not pass judgement on what other people do in their intimate lives unless it seems awful and bad to us". This revised position is still a problem though. Obviously what we, as human pups, think is perfectly reasonable as intimate play is going to seem freaky and potentially dangerous to someone else out there.

Take a moment to consider what the average person in Tehran might think of a member of our pack shoving a silicone butt plug shaped like a tail into his arse and getting on his hands and knees and licking another pack member he calls Boss, all as an expression of love. The person in Tehran is likely to think not only is it not for them, but it mocks what they consider proper expressions of love. Terrible inferences can be derived by outsiders looking at human pup play. It is not a great leap of logic for an ill informed person to assume human pup play involves or leads to bestiality, degradation, and gross exhibitionism. You don't have to be a religious fundamentalist to think human pup play is wrong or unhealthy. Many in the medical fraternity would have concerns at the very least over what they deem a fetish and aberrant sexual expression. Knowing it isn't those things for you, naturally you want to explain that your relationship choices are valid. 

A pack is a group of human pups, and it is highly likely some of them are having sex with each other

A forthright person who is involved in human pup play may feel ignorance can simply be countered by education, by patiently explaining human pup play - what it is and isn't. Sometimes a pup will encourage the uninformed to look over this site to learn more and become learned. Clearly the idea is that presenting what a human pup player sees as the facts can help overcome a negative judgement by an ignorant person. 

Yet how we present human pup play to a person who knows little to nothing about it can be perilous. It is easy to present a history of human pup play, to give it a perspective or point of fact upon which the ignorant listener can try and come to understand it. Just in a couple of possible examples, a human pup would present pup play as a development of BDSM, or present pup play as connected somehow to expression of an animal self assumed to have been done in primitive societies. The exact facts presented may differ, but the fundamental action is that pup play is being made to be understood by appeal to history - whether it be a greater history of kink and fetish, or a personal history of what the human pup who is speaking has personally experienced.

Ignorant means not knowing anything about it

Given that most people on earth are not involved or interested in human pup play as a sexual fetish, they are not likely to be in a hurry to know anything about it. As a human pup, you are very likely to be explaining pup play and pack relationships again and again in life. You will find yourself engaging in a conversation with the ignorant listener, and that listeners enlightenment largely depends on how well that discussion proceeds. And we know for sure that judgement will play a large role in this discussion. 

Whether any of us in human pup play like it or not, being an active and forthright human pup challenges some conventional modes of behaviour. The very act of behaving like a pup, a dog, raises the question of whether human beings have to behave like human beings to love one another. And that challenge doesn't have to simply be a direct affront to someones religious beliefs or their sheltered upbringing. In a world where husband and wife and family relationships are often complicated enough, it can be just too much to have to consider human to pup love. 

Any appeal to another person to understand your historical perspective, to empathise with where you are coming from, depends upon their preparedness to change their opinion. If a listener considers it just too much to embrace the radical and challenging idea of relationship between human and human behaving as animal, then their failure in learning of a new perspective might be the least of your problems.

Often we strive to inform our loved ones or those whose good opinion matters to us. When this goes badly, their ignorance can harden into a prejudice against pup play, from which no emotive argument will persuade them to recognise it as a valid and reasonable relationship choice. "It's unnatural" is likely to be their cry, and hearing that from your parent or partner or best friend can hurt. If that happens don't despair. You can point out that there is plenty in the 'natural' behaviour of humans we find distasteful and yet we deal with it. People aren't approved of to shit in the street, nor bash people to grab their stuff, nor have sex with 12 year old girls. We all have learnt to modify behaviours that might be functionally ok in an animal world, but which in our human society need revision. Any argument that cites 'natural' human expression of sexuality can easily be intellectually dishonest, and it is best to steer you both away from that fallacious line of discussion. 

Tell someone how it works, not how it compares

To help avoid the risk of a person hardening their attitude against human pup play, we present here another approach to discussing human pup play with an ignorant person - define human pup play as it is as an activity, not as related to something else or within a history. Talk about what it is, not what it is like or how it came to be. And be aware of the challenge of justifying your activity against what the listener has considered normal and expected intimate behaviour. 

Our modern western societies are constructed so that any person in any situation can be asked to justify their action and they are pre committed to do so. As individuals we are ready to and expected to explain our 'selves' and why we do what we do. At our best, our society gives us a just right to think for ourselves and we are free to revise, refine, and pursue our own conception of what is good, making sure it is compatible with everyone else's freedom to do likewise. That is very straightforward, but in case you are having trouble understanding it, let me put it in an even simpler way - you can think what you like, and change your mind on what's good, but you don't have the right to make others think as you do in a modern western society. You have a lawful and just right as a citizen to think your own thoughts, adapt and change them as you learn, but you don't have a right to stop others being able to think their own thoughts or adapt and change them. This is a powerful feature of our society, and it is a great platform to explain human pup play and any alternative seeming relationships from. 

By approaching human pup play as an ethical and moral discussion we can engage a person as an equal free thinking citizen of the western world. We can point out that everyone's values, what they consider good in relationships, even what they understand a relationship to be, are not fixed. They are under revision and refinement as we grow and learn, and that so long as we each pursue a path that is good for us - not harming others freedom to do so too - then we are equals. You may be different, but you are the same. It is one of the best possible starting points for anyone to begin to understand group love in a human pup pack. 

From here we can begin the explanation of why you have chosen to be a canine behaving human who gets sexual and intimate with a group of people and call yourself a pup in a pack, and you can be treated as an equal making choices. Now to explain why they are valid for you...