What if you wish to be Owned and Collared as a pup? 

Being an Owned pup is not for everyone, but this is what it means to start that journey if it is what you are looking for. The goal is to release the dog inside you. Your pup is an animal that hides beneath the layers of humanity you possess, an animal frequently suppressed by human convention and mores. It is a pure and simple animal, devoid of guilt or shame. An animal of want and need, expressing itself instinctively. 

Ironically it is by releasing the pup self that you will gain more confidence as a human. Your training as a pup will mean the breaking of your social conditioning, what you consider normal behaviour, so that you can find and take pleasure in your primal pup self. You won't be hurt, nor will you hurt others, but you will come to lose inhibitions you might once have had sexually. Dogs don't feel embarrassed after all. 

To be a pup you will come to feel a second skin surrounding you, whether it be rubber, neoprene or fur - it's your pup skin. You will feel a hood enclose your head and hide your face, giving you a muzzle. Mitts will transform your hands into paws, and you will have kneepads to make it easier for the times you want to be on all fours. And most importantly, you will have a tail in your arse to wag. These things - the hood, the skin, the mitts, the tail - are not always needed for you to be a pup. They are your gear, your tools to facilitate an expression of your pup self. Ultimately you will find your pup inside you all the time, ready to come out when you choose, with gear or not. 

Eventually you will be on all fours at my feet, a well trained, obedient, happy and loving devoted hound. There are many acts of obedience along the way to that point. It is a path filled with opportunities to learn, a path of sensual pleasure for a pup in training. You need special training in order to fully realise your pup self. You need to conform to my demands, my requests, as they are given to help you learn and be yourself. 

You will yearn to be touched by me, your owner, to feel the pull of my hand around your cock and balls, to feel my finger in your arse. You will be happy when your mouth opens and you can taste me, the salty tang of my sweaty nuts and cock, the sweet taste of my precum. The dog inside you knows that you want to be trained. It is important you learn to respect your master because it is through me the pup inside you is made real, and you are made whole. Your body needs to be reprogrammed to feel pleasure as a pup, to experience activities as an animal and not as your human self. You will find that primal love and loyalty a dog feels for its owner, and it will bring you happiness. 

Pup play can be a form of bondage, a little rough sado-masochism in hoods and with barking. Maybe it's a form of degradation you crave. For me, it is a duty. I hold your pup heart in my hands. I train you to be the animal you desire. I guide you along the path, protecting you from harm, helping you through fear. I clear your mind of the mirages and misconceptions that can plague and hobble you from loving yourself, from being a pup, from being wholly you. 

You submit first by kneeling, my calm voice telling you to do so. You feel the possession and ownership as I close the collar around your neck. That collar also gives you freedom, to be your pup self with no judgement, no human expectations. This act of submission is your surrender to me in trust and confidence. As you know what I am saying to you is true, you can relax, letting all your anxieties subside and give way. You will know that I hold you, and everything is safe. You drift into being a pup. I will take care of you. 

Your wish to be an animal of pleasure may have led you astray before, but you are with me now. I will help you govern and fulfil your desires, express them as you want, as you surrender your control to me. As you let go, you give me the power. You are never in danger, as your human name and my human name are safe words, a verbal bridge out of pup space into ordinary life. You, my pup, are always and in all ways praised and loved. You find the words to offer yourself to me, your owner, to express your love and submission. You become my pup. 

(some pieces of text from Assimilation by Bootbrush, an awesome UK Pup Trainer)