First Collar Training - Voice

Look at this but don't learn any of the poses

To the uninformed observer, pup play can seem bizarre at the best of times. When the pups start making animal sounds it often reaches the ridiculous for outsiders. The truth is that is can be ridiculous for pups as well. This area of pup training is a vital study. It is easy for a new pup to throw himself or another pup out of pup headspace by articulating sounds that are inappropriate. 

What is appropriate? I am glad you asked.  At the First Collar - almost nothing vocal. As a new pup you may be tempted to sound a "grrr" here, or a "woof" there. Don't. Really, do not make sounds to begin with. They can be distracting, but most of all they won't be understood for what they are. Looking above at the diagram you can see canine body language helps dogs communicate. As a human you have evolved to be able to articulate way more than that using vocal language. It is perfectly natural for you to use your voice box to communicate and it's better to do so than rely on body language alone. What we need to do is train you to an established pack lexicon of words/sounds, so that everyone can understand each other clearly. If every new pup makes sounds it won't help anybody learn. So for your First Collar, be silent and listen to the other pack member of higher collars. Watch and observe how they make sounds. Most of all follow the direction of your owner trainer who will be introducing you to sounds in your second collar. 

The words you can definitely use at any time are Jyan or Craig. Either will signal to me that we need to pause, stop what we are doing, and I am your friend to be there for you. The practice of safewords has a long tradition. Calling me Sir or Boss is not an ego stroke, it is a way of constantly reaffirming the roles and bonds for us both pup. 

Lastly, what sounds can you make as a pup in First Collar Training? Talk to me in english (my japanese is rusty) at any time to get your message across. If you need to know something please just ask. The sounds of pup play, your pup voice will come later.