UberHund 1 - Live Truly

Truth is ugly - we have art to save us from perishing of the truth. All that you do as an UberHund is art, to evade the truth and preserve your life.

As you have learnt from puphood already, there are two forces at work within you, yet you may have mistaken these forces for lesser things such as humanity and pup. The two forces actually are higher ideals- one is beauty, the other is pleasure. Your human self presents a way of life that is tolerable, and it is through your human thinking you try to be beautiful. This is to be expected. It is natural and right you should look as good as you wish as a pup. The underbelly you have encountered is the one your pup self has opened to your personal awareness, and you can't ignore some cold hard brutal facts. You need pleasure.

The beautiful is all about your appearance, of how you look as a pup. You have taken the notion of being a pup and created something, made manifest your imagining of your self as a pup self. This is the hardest edge of beauty, as it shows the truth that you are an animal really. 

Fuck human civilisation - you are an UberHund

Your hood hides your humanity, but your humanity hides a deeper face - that of an animal. The pup role you have crafted for yourself is sacred, and you embrace that powerful truth when you don that hood - this imaginary thing you have created of your pup self is beautiful but really a mask, and all of us have masks, a shell under which we as humans reside. 

The force of beauty has you artistically creating a pup self and what is that really but an attempt to be an individual, a separate self to all the other 'selfs' of human life out there? You strive to be your own unique pup, so you don't have to be human, and can be you - special, and powerful. Your ego wants you to be recognised. It is right that you strive to be beautiful. However, it is all a fake, an unrealness that the other powerful force within you pup seeks to destroy. 

Because to cope with the fact that life, human life, is not beautiful really, you need to embrace pleasure and ecstasy. Human life is not special or beautiful - in fact, it is shit a lot of the time to experience and is shit to the world in general. It is stupid to link human life to the force of Life. Humans are just another species, just part of something much bigger, which does not care about them. The world has no meaning, no plan, no design for us, no values to teach us as humans to live by. It does not care for humanity. What values humans have, that we suppose naturally exist, are all our own creation. You know this to be true as puphood has allowed you to abandon them. You have bravely become a pup and let your human values be eliminated during play.

The force that is Life is actually always destroying the individual, eradicating whatever humans vainly perceive as meaningful. Your pup self provides a comfort from the hard cold truth that existence is meaningless and 'you' don't matter.

Take no drugs to be intoxicated - those are for the weak. An UberHund will take pleasure in the flesh and taste of sex. 

Instead of cowering in your hood, fearful and afraid, your puphood gives you pleasure. It is fucking fun to be a pup. You need to follow this pup path of intoxication, of pleasure seeking from your senses. Let yourself be overwhelmed with sensuality and fuck the concerns of humanity. It served its purpose to get you to this point, this step on the path to release from the awful truth of reality. 

This other powerful force at work in you embraces the savage beast, abandons any socially imposed sexual discipline, and enjoys the feelings of pup play. Through the intoxication of pleasure, through the loss of power to sexual gratification, the human and pup selves merge and you lose your self. You fuse your conflicting energies as a human pup to start your journey to being an UberHund. 

It is by being artists, by creating our pup selves, that we can incorporate and endure the crap of life