Sirius Pup Pack of Australia

Our very first vid. Watch the next vid for a better explanation of Sirius Pups

We are a "pack",  which is simply a group of people who share a mutual love of human pup play. For us, being a pack means we stick together, learn together, play together, and be there for one another as comrades. We have more than one pack who follow the Sirius Pup style of training, and together we form the Sirius Pup Clan. It may seem wanky or excessive to have titles and terms, but they help us differentiate human pup play activity from other activity in our lives. So think of them as we do - just terms to describe the connections. 

The owner of the pack is PupBoss Jyan. He is the man in charge of everything human pup play related, the trainer of pups, and the facilitator of many of the activities of pup play. An "owner" is someone who "owns" another person as property. Much as we can "own" pets, you can also "own" human pups. Having an "owner" means that the pups in the pack have someone they answer to and who can answer them when they want or need to know something. The owner of the pack is addressed as Sir or Boss, sometimes Master, all depending on the preferences of the owner and the pup. 

The Alpha is GPup, who lives in Melbourne. He is the pup who is head of the pack. An Alpha role in the pack is complex. The Alpha does not "train" nor "own" any pups, yet has some authority. All the other pups in the pack look to Alpha to provide protection,  guidance, and sometimes direction. Alpha is closest to the owner of the pack, and can often speak on his behalf. The subordinate position is vital for the pack, as the Owner/Trainer can be busy with life (such as working) or with another pup in training, when a member of the pack needs to know something from Sir. A rarely exercised but important task of the Alpha is to contradict or challenge the packs owner when the owner/trainer is placing any pup in peril. Alpha has to step in and stop an owner from hurting the pack, or any member of it, at any time. With the exception of the Alpha, the pack mates are all equal in the eyes of the owner trainer.