Loyalty that is love - Shinobu Koi

Help your pack and clan - An important principle is that when you think of something that is to the benefit of the entire pack, is also to benefit one's master. Prominent pups often try to do things that they think will benefit their owner, but they end up causing distress in the pack. This is the worst type of disloyalty. The entire pack belongs to your Master. All that you do that benefits them, benefits Master as well, and is loyalty. Putting yourself first to gain favour and notice is disloyalty.  

Shinobu Koi is the love that you keep hidden in your heart for your master, not to be fulfilled lest it be extinguished

Quiet Love - The pup has the highest love for his master, as it is unfulfilled.

This highest love is concealed love - shinobu koi.  Such love that a pup has, yearning for his master but not showing it brazenly, is a love without peer.

Unrevealed, it remains burning and penetrates into all of one's basic attitudes. This love is a fuel for a pups devotion to his master.

Love not shown is hidden from view and kept private, kept intimate, kept concealed - most particularly inside the heart.

A pup of devotion is a pup who single-mindedly cares for and cherishes his master. A pup who does so will be a superb dog. Even if you are a clumsy and fail at lessons, if you have the resolution to cherish your owner you are a pup who can be relied on. Being reliable to your master is a great trait, and worth more than expertise and brilliance. A pup who makes himself useful only through his skills is an inferior pup in comparison. Devotion is the greatest virtue a pup can show, and it is derived from the highest love. 

Be a quiet comfort to your Master

Loyalty is not a distant matter, it is right in front of our eyes.

Pups, as protectors of their owners, leave judgements of good and bad in the hands of their owners and trainers hands. A pup discards his human self when he is a pup, so that he can become his masters dog.

Vain and self serving people who pretend to be pups can go through the motions of loyalty, but when an owner appears to have nothing to give, then truly loyal pups are before his eyes, revealed by their staying by his side whilst selfish pups leave. It is easy to pretend to loyalty if you think you are getting prestige, pleasure, or prowess. Truly loyal pups expect nothing. Their reward is to experience pure true love with their Master.

Friendliness to guests - To be a good pup you should make Masters guests feel they are special in your eyes. When a guest is about to leave, it is imperative that a pup have a feeling of reluctance to see them go. Being friendly and kind to guests, it is important for a pup to act in such a way so that a feeling of boredom does not arise. This applies even to none guests. At all times a pup should try and keep a feeling of freshness in his relationship with his Master and packmates and make them feel they are special in his eyes. With just a bit of care and consideration, the nature of a pups relationships can change completely for the better.