Furor Teutonicus - the NorthMans Way

It is by being 'natural' that one best recovers from ones unnaturalness pup

The northern European people had a culture, with its own values and beliefs, before it being destroyed by the sickening herd of christians who trampled all else they could into dust until only their herd beliefs could be held and reinforced. For southern Europe, its great culture was later resurrected in the renaissance thanks to the irony of muslim herd scholars keeping great works and sending them back to Europe. Alas, the north never recovered what it lost. We know some of its ways from Elder Sagas and poems, and presented here are the remaining vital cultural values of the Teutons - people of the North. You can get an explanation of why we present this Path for pup play by following this link. A pup choosing the path of the UberHund will find resonance in the Old NorthMans practices. The four main virtues of a Teutonic Pup are: Honesty, Hospitality, Courage, and Loyalty. 

Teutonic pups are loyal and honest to their Owners

Honour and Honesty

The good of life is in life itself. Make sure you enjoy it and leave a good name behind you. The best thing is to be alive and happy.

At the heart of a Teutonic pup lies his honour, which is the first and final measure of his worth. Managing your gear well, securing good relationships with packmates and for them, and displaying your skill at pup play, and being known for the integrity of your word all give you honour.

Honour means dealing honourably with other honourable pups and masters.; whether gifts or insults and injury is exchanged, an honourable pup gives back what is given. It is important to remember this is honour between those recognised as honourable. This code is not the honour code of a chivalric knight or a US marine. Deception and dishonesty are perfectly acceptable to dish out to those who have no honour. But you will always admit your actions pup, for that is your honour.

For a pups deeds and his good name are his life. Any Teutonic pup who gives his word is expected to keep it, and he will, unless those he has given word to are scum and without honour. These vermin of the herd are given no trust, and so cannot be allowed to abuse a Teutonic pups honour for their own ends.  

Oathbreaking and lying are the practices of scum, and these pieces of shit deserve insult at the very least. A pup who breaks his oath should be banished from the pack. In practice, a lot depends on what your oath or promise is for, and to whom it is given. Breaking ones word to an outsider of the pack, particularly if they oppose your Master or the pack, is often alright. Lying to your packmates is wrong and shameful. 

Guests are given comfort and freedom to enjoy themselves in a Teutonic pups home


Be a friend to your friends, meet a gift with a gift, a smile with a smile, and a lie with a pretence of not noticing

Strangers are greatly respected and given courtesy and comfort by a pup of the North. Any who arrive at the door of a Teutonic pup will find he will give his guest comfort and security, greeting them politely and inviting pup or master in for food and shelter. The safety and well-being of a visiting pup or master is a Teutonic pups responsibility, which he takes very seriously.  

A common practice is for a Teutonic pup to tell stories of his pack to his guests to entertain and educate them. He shows his pride in his clan, his pack by boasting of them. A Teutonic pup can recite a story of a brother like a saga, and the best of Teutonic pups are keen to show their skill at storytelling and poetry so he can show of his skill and knowledge of pup play to his guests.  

A Teutonic pup has the courage to be himself, but shows Hof in his practice of courage


A pup can carry no better load than too much good sense, and no worse than too much drink.

The Teutonic pup is a fierce and courageous pup, willing to display his courage without flinching. It is not simply courage of the fist that a Teutonic pup has, but courage of the soul. He has developed that aspect of courage that is determination, having the strength of will to see things through, no matter what may stand in the way. Once a Teutonic pup has decided on a course of action, nothing but himself will stop him. 

Teutonic pups observe a standard of moderation to their behaviour; theirs is not a foolhardy courage. Those of the far north call this Hof and Ohof. A pup who moderates his courage and temper, who understands justice and temperance is Hof. The opposite is Ohof, a lack of judgment, an excess of courage and bad temper, which alarms everyone including packmates. Ohof is an unevenness, and is seen in unfairness and injustice when dealing with others. It brings shame and dishonour to a pup. 


Ambition and revenge are always hungry, and so loyalty to the pack is life giving nourishment not emptiness of the soul. The lone wolf lives hungry and alone, like a naked fir tree without bark or foliage, lonely on a barren hill. 

Packmates are very important to a Teutonic pup, and are the first people he will call on for support. A Teutonic pups loyalty is to his pack, and counted along with his possessions and reputation, are all that is truly valuable to a pup. His pack is his refuge in times of trouble. A pup without a pack is in a very weak position and will find it hard to be a pup.  

As a pup is supported by his pack, so the pup must also support the pack. The honour of the pack, and of its leader, his Master, is more important than the personal honour of a Teutonic pup. Yet pack society is simple and easy to participate in for a pup. There are Thralls - slaves, who are property of their owners. And there are pups, the Carls of their Masters. This Master, or Jarl, is leader and he hold ownership of all. Except where the laws of the pack say otherwise. Not even Masters are above the Law.

The Laws of the pack, its rules, are articulated through assembly of the whole pack, into a Thing. These democratic assemblies hand down a rule which then binds everyone - laws of the Teuton work by consensus, for then there is no tyranny. It is always a balancing act for a Teutonic pup between the supremacy of the law and rules of the pack and the freedom of a pup to do whatever he wants. Once all the pack has agreed on a rule, it is Law to a Teutonic pup and oathbreaking to not obey it. 

Loyalty to your packmate is all