5CT - Fifth Collar Training

The First and Second Collar Training are readily available on the site here, whereas Third, Fourth and Fifth Collar Trainings are restricted in access. This is because I am happy to share some extensive information on how we do pup training here at Sirius Pups, but at the end of the day, the training is for those who seek to join the Sirius Pup Clan. 

This is the final phase of training in human pup play, and the knowledge gained here helps put your previous experience of puphood into a rational and final perspective. By the completion of your Fifth Collar you will have a thorough understanding of what pupspace is, how it is accomplished, and its utility to you in play. At this, the culmination of your training as a Sirius Pup, you are poised to either become a Trainer yourself, remain and Owned pup, or explore further into human pup play by different approaches.