UberHund / Skin

Not Fascism, not racism, but the True Call to Power

There is no way to present a Way of the UberHund, of a Teutonic Pup as hard as Iron, without dealing with the issue of Nazis. The UberHund looks like a skinhead in some ways, and it is easy for a pup with an affinity for the skinhead life to desire being an UberHund. There is also an almost inexorable drawing to the Third Reich and its propaganda and symbolism by elements of skinheads around the world. It is imperative that I make myself clear here of the difference between the two.

With respect to White Supremacists, who have a political agenda they present often eloquently, and which can be vilified easily by moderate folk, there are elements to the skinhead movement who seek to cause violence to those weaker than themselves, to those of what the skinhead perceives as a non-white culture. I do not support or condone that behaviour. An Uber Hund does not worry over race of a human or such petty issues. All humans are sheep to an UberHund, even the white ones. And violence against the weak is petty and pointless for an UberHund. 

If you take the words written about the UberHund here on siriuspup to advocate violence against others, to promote fascism, or racism, then you are deliberately perverting what I have presented for your own agenda. I do not condone, support, or encourage you to do that. Don't fucking take my words and use them to do shit to others based on your racism or fascist ideology. It's that fucking simple. 

I respect skinheads and their choice of culture, of lifestyle, and can hear their agenda. I do not have to agree with it, nor subscribe to it to give respect. I am not a skinhead. Nor am I a fascist. Nor am I a racist or a white supremacist. However, it is wrong to immediately cast any discussion of skinhead culture into a either/or, with us or against us argument. There are many speakers who do so. Some are skinheads themselves. I am not interested in such a binary argument. I do not have to argue this in any case, but it is important I state some points so that anyone who reads the UberHund is not misunderstanding its agenda.

The UberHund is based on the work of Nietzsche, a philosopher who went mad and died from syphilis. On his way to madness he wrote a lot of books, often whining about the world, and the German people in particular - fair enough since he lived there and was German. This guy did not actually like Germans near the end of his life, so he was never espousing a racial superiority. The Third Reich supporters would later claim the opposite. 

please leave your desire for a big man to be in charge at the door before becoming an UberHund

Nietzsche would have mocked the followers of Hitler, and despaired of the German people being sheep. Fascism would have reeked of just being a return to weakness for civilisation, where mankind is once again obeying a big man who tells the ignorant sheep what to do, exchanging christianity for another pathetic god. He despised any system which suppressed people or had idols. Freedom by obedience to a ideologue, to a charismatic leader, to a political agenda would be freedom purchased at too high a price for Nietzsche. An Uberhund won't exchange freedom of expression to make the herd safe and give them a fatherland. 

Not all skinheads believe in the same things. Remarkably, there are non white skinheads, gay skinheads etc. Of course, white supremacist skinheads could seriously argue these are affectations. Let me make this point clear to help everyone then -  

an UberHund is NOT a skinhead.

There are similarities in style, and affectation. Yet the two are not the same nor need to be related. The Way of the UberHund is to be a Powerful Pup - not a fascist, not a racist. Just so it's clear. Where the two are similar is that neither are living in fear, both skinhead and UberHund do not give a fuck what you think. 

if you want a group to join who look mean and tough and like to bully and menace people they don't like, then the skinhead life may be for you - or the police...the UberHund is on his own personal journey, and needs no self affirmation by oppressing or suppressing others