Training makes sense and gives perspective

Training your pup has its own rewards. These beneficial outcomes may not be so obvious at the start as you direct your new pup along his path to pup hood, but they are very real and positive. Knowing of these benefits helps create a sense of perspective for you and pup. It justifies in a deeper level your participation in human pup play to know that there is an end goal that can be achieved beyond just knowing all the moves and gear.

Some people just wish to master use of pup gear for fetish play, and many simply want to develop a pupspace in their head so they can enjoy pup time. Segmented development obviously does leave a pup incomplete. Yet learning everything involved in human pup training is not enough to make someone truly a whole pup. What a pup learns has to be placed in perspective with their life. This can best be described as the end result below as I outline the outcomes of a fully developed puphood for a person.

The End Result of Human Pup Training

It may not be entirely clear where pup training is meant to end. As a Trainer you want to be able to have a criteria that truly leaves you certain your pup is whole and has embraced the learning beyond rote repetition. Looking at your pup and thinking over his behaviour you will clearly see it once you look for it. 

Your pup has spent time and effort and accomplished quite a lot in his pup training. He has mastered the Collars and played and performed well with others as a pup. He has enjoyed himself at play and learning, and you can see as a Trainer that pup knows what he is doing. You have confidence in his ability and you can see clearly his pup self has emerged. What you need to also see is that his pup training has helped him grow as a person too. 

From pup training your pup has learnt to think outside his box a bit, to be more widely developed. He has learnt that he can use his pup self to approach things as well as his old human approach. In fact pup now understands their are multiple paths to a goal, and he can choose which one works best. 

Pup will have developed deep and sustaining friendships with his Owner and Trainer and Packmates. Love and care are the basis of these relationships, and the support he gives and receives is enriching his life and theirs. Pup play isn't a sexual fetish alone for him, and you can see he has allowed his pup self to bond with you and his pack. As a pup he has strong relationships to Trainer and Pack and he doesn't hesitate to take into consideration the needs of others, making him a socially capable person..Your pup has learnt to enjoy going out as a a pup and being social, as his pup self can be a platform to meet new friends and forge new links. The hood is not a mask disguising anything, it is a vehicle for expression. 

Importantly pup also calmly enjoys the pleasure of simply being a pup alone. He doesn't cling or form dependency on others.  In fact he is sought out by others as they turn to him for advice, because he is held in respect in the pup community. Part of that respect comes from his behaving in a manner consistent with his own personal standards. Another part of that respect comes from the fact that your pup has learnt to rely and respect an expert - his Trainer. And your teaching has enabled him to advise and help others.

Your pup is positive and optimistic about pup training, and pup hood, yet still retains a healthy value of humanity. He hasn't sought to diminish his human life and respects human expression in others as much as pup expression. This is because he feels he has self knowledge, he knows what being a pup is. Your pup can bring both passion and common sense to training. He realises puphood has larger meaning than just fetish wear. 

Having learnt so much he has put it into perspective in his life and your pup understands the limits of what he can do. This wisdom means he can see to the heart of important problems for puphood, giving him an accurate view of his own strengths and weaknesses as a pup. 

Before you is a wise pup, who is trained and has acquired expert knowledge in being a pup. He knows what really matters in puphood, and how to not only behave like one but how to also meaningfully integrate it into his life.