First Collar Training - Kennel

Human pup play is a mental, physical, and a social activity. Pups need to develop the emotional processes of puphood, actually physically act on them, and ultimately do pup stuff in a social environment. Sounds hard, but First Collar Training Kennel helps forge a path to do it all, using an important piece of equipment.  Tying everything together is the Mat. The place a pup rests. A mat is a large stuffed cushion that you lie on, with the mat being on the floor. 

A good pup mat can be purchased from a pet store, but you will find they are often too small for a human. Sirius pup uses extra large dog mats, or meditation mats for humans. The mat should be at least a metre long, preferably a metre wide, with good quality stuffing so it can be placed on a tile floor or cement and a pup feels comfortable. Choose a mat carefully, so that it reflects the dog you want to be. But don't focus on look, for the comfort is important, crucially important.

make sure your mat is well padded and comfortable

Once you have a pup mat, you can begin to create your physical pupspace - your zone of space that belongs to you as a pup. The pupzone is internal , as you saw in FCT Mind but it is also physical. You have marked territory around the neighbourhood, but nothing is more territorial than your mat. NO ONE else should ever use it. It is your mat 

Exercise - Use your Mat daily

Besides being used during training sessions, your mat is also there for every day use. Every day. You should sit or lie on your mat every day. Position it in front of the tv, watch a favourite show. Position it on the balcony, read a few chapters of a book. Move it next to your bed, jerk off to porn on your pad or laptop. 

Importantly, the mat forces a pup to be at ground level, where a dog sees from. As a human, you are used to seeing everything at standing height, or chair seated height. At pup height, you begin to learn you aren't in the human world any more in pup play. Daily use, even for a short time, builds memories and experience from a pup point of view that helps build your pupspace internally later on.