UberHund 4 - Pride

Ich spiele gern hund! 

What is needed for your transformation into an UberHund is to give "style" to your self pup. What does that mean? Well, one of the things about a pup which leads us to say he has "style" is his capacity to carry things off, to incorporate disparate - and for what for most people would be embarrassing or humiliating experiences - and make them part of a larger scheme. 

Your outward appearance reflects your "style", your effort at your self as an UberHund pup

This art, this practice of "style", is done by you pup by surveying all of your self - all of your strengths and weaknesses. You have learnt from the Iron Road to have the willpower to be courageous and face up to a ruthless and honest examination of all about yourself. See all of your faults, all of your virtues, and then fit them into a plan of "who" you want to be. Make of your "self" like you would make a work of "art". An UberHund creates and shapes himself, his character. This is more than the imagination work of Second Collar Training Persona - an UberHund takes a hammer to his spirit, to his pup soul and shapes into to his desire, using his will as the hammer.  

Every single characteristic of your pup self is crafted and shaped into your artistic plan until every one of them appears as art and reason to you, and even your weaknesses delight you.  By long practice and daily work at it a large mass of second nature, your UberHund, will be added to your whole life. The ugly that cannot be destroyed and removed can be hammered down, concealed. What aspects of yourself that need to be -  can be - reinterpreted as you see fit. Everything about yourself UberHund is sculpted and shaped, governed by your singular taste. Whether someone else thinks anything about you pup is good or bad doesn't matter - fuck them. All that matters is that you carry out a scrupulous survey of your character, assess it, shape it and give yourself a unity of expression that is called a "style"

The Uberhund is powerful because he is totally himself, not shaped by the herd. He is strong and domineering, enjoying himself in his own self restraints. He doesn't do something because he sees the sense in it for himself and chooses not to - never for fear of the herd. He is an UberHund, a perfect pup who lives under a law of his own. The weak, the herd, have no power over him and may hate the constraint of his style, but that is their problem. As UberHund, he is a pup who has achieved a satisfaction with himself. 

Be your self at all costs