Sirius Pup Traits and Qualities

This is a short quiz to assess how strongly you believe, how firmly you hold and excel at these qualities. Are they traits you use in your everyday life, or do they need some development yet? These are all qualities that the Sirius Pup Pack tries to develop and embody, so see where you are at in your traits and how far you may have to go. 

Sirius Pup Traits *
Sirius Pup Traits
Click on the level of agreement you have for each statement
I overcome my anxiety and fear to do what I must easily
When I am facing emotional problems I tend to be rational and calm
I am openminded and accept new new things readily
I try to lead a good life for myself and others
I grow by doing new things and following my curiosity
I work through difficulties to reach my goals often
I feel happy to be alive and enthusiastic often
I practice what I preach and am good to my word
My relationships to others are important and I am community minded
I am responsible for controlling my body and feelings with discipline
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