Pup Curiosity Quiz

This is a short quiz to assess how predictable you are pup, how much you stay within the same old boundaries and hesitate to stray from what you have always known. Stability and reliability can give your Owner and Trainer a good starting point to deal with you, yet spontaneity and being able to step outside your human social behaviours comfort zone is important to learning human pup play. This quiz is part of FCT Interaction.

Pup Curiosity Quiz *
Pup Curiosity Quiz
Click on the level of agreement for each statement
I can tell you almost exactly what I will be doing for the next four weekends
I rarely skip a meal or eat between meals
I can easily find any item in my playspace
I can easily find any item in my house
I go to bed at the same time each night
I shop for pup gear out of necessity rather than out of wanting to expand my horizons
I have trouble sleeping in strange beds
I hate mysteries
I dread having to learn how to use a new technology
Most pups who know me find it easy to buy a gift for me
I don't mind watching reruns on tv
I would never cancel plans I have committed to except in an emergency
I enjoy observing pup traditions
I always go to gear shopping with a list and stick to it
I don't like to answer the phone unless I know who's calling
I have given the same type of gift to numerous pups
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