First Collar Training - Scent

Focus on your own scent

Using your nose will be a constant activity for you as a pup. From sniffing other pups behind's to exploring a room, your nose leads the way in everything.  It is your primary pup sense. Never apologise for sniffing something, don't refrain from enjoying a scent you like - so long as you aren't being inappropriate and invading another's space without permission. 

Before we get to the pleasant smell of rain on the grass on a field, we focus on the two most important objects in your pup world - your owner trainer and you. The exercises provided are the first stages of learning to smell as a pup, and best done in private or with your owner trainer. An exercise does require you to discreetly smell others - note that's discreetly pup. You take care and show respect and don't allow yourself to be noticed. 

Your owners jock - learn its scent

Underwear are your new best friend pup

As a daily practice you have to smell your own underwear. Make a ritual of it as you undress when home from work or before bed. Take ten seconds at least to put your jocks in your face, under your nose, and really sniff them. Take in the scent of your crotch. Wear the undies for a couple of days if you can, letting the sweat of your arse and balls  seep into the underwear. DO this sniffing every day.  You will get a pair of smelly jocks from your owner as well, for you to smell at your leisure. Learn the scent well.

You smell good

Another activity you must do is smell yourself pup. This is best done by actually allowing your natural body odour to be dominate. Reduce and eliminate as much as possible deodorant from your personal routine. Of course you will still need to use soap, anti-perspirant etc for work. Try and reduce the amount you use to the lowest level you can without it causing trouble in your life. Common sense is the key here. 

Once you are getting more natural in your odour, begin the following scent practice under the guidance of your trainer. Every few waking hours, from wakefulness to the moments before bed, do this routine to smell yourself - run your fingers over your balls, then smell your fingers. Do that again, but run your fingers through your arsecrack this time before smelling them. Tilt your head to your armpits, sniff and smell them. If you have trouble reaching your pits, use your fingers like you did on your balls and arse. You should notice you smell different at different times of the day pup. Do not be blatant in this activity pup. Do it discreetly - freaking your partner out or making innocent bystanders think your crazy is not going to help you develop a healthy pupspace. However, have some nuts and actually do it every few hours. Take a moment during work to visit the bathroom and do the routine in the stall. If you are out socialising, do the same - quick visit to the toilet to practice. It is important to do it, and do it regularly, so that you begin to develop a habit of scenting a pup. That skill will be helpful in the future. The surest way to ensure you are doing the scent practice well is to be in constant contact with your trainer about it. Text him when you practice. Send a pic of you doing your scent work. The positive feedback helps you develop into a good pup.