First Collar Training - Obedience

There is a common interpretation of pup play, that it is submissive bondage and disciplin focused, a form of slavery. It is not. For some people that's what they seek out of wearing a hood and collar. Good luck and best wishes to them in all sincerity. We at Sirius Pup won't train you to be necessarily a submissive at all, and is certainly not the goal of our pup training to be a slave or to simply have a good time at your expense.

Before mixed messages occur, let me clarify that with this - pup play is meant to be enjoyable, you are supposed to be having a good time. However, it is not the sole focus of training and pup activity for a Sirius Pup. Fun is to be had, but there are rules to be obeyed too.

The training offered here leads to development of a true pup self, an alternate persona that you can relax in to at any time, finding solace from stress in your life and expression of your primal needs and desires. To achieve that self you need guidance, and that teaching is done by your trainer. It is possible for you to be "owned", meaning you have a specified BDSM relationship defined with a "Master", and for me to be your "Trainer" and "Handler". Obviously that is sorted out between myself and your Master. Pack Pups are owned by me. Saves time and confusion, reduces the chance of mixed signals. But as a new pup you need to know and accept what that entails.

When we meet in person for our first encounters over pup play, I leave a collar on a spot near me. When you are ready to accept ownership, you will bring that collar to me for me to place it around your neck. It is symbolic of your role from that moment on, and of our bond. Accepting that collar around your neck means we both agree to these specific things:- 

  •  You will follow my direction for your training in human pup play. I may direct you to follow an instruction by the pack Alpha, but my commands always take precedence
  • I will not harm you or allow harm to come to you in play. We may agree on activities that cause some pain or discomfort, but those activities are only mutually agreed upon and will not harm either of us permanently
  • You will address me as Boss or Sir in interactions, except where we are talking as friends. Neither of us will be a dickhead about this. Let's keep it focused and enjoyable, not stupid and petty.
  • Our personal lives, our business lives, our lives outside of puphood must be respected at all times. Some activities cross over to them, but common sense and pragmatism always are the rule. Neither of us will embarrass, hinder, or harm the lives of each other outside of pup play.
  • I will respect you, encourage you in endeavours, and be supportive and loving. You will do the same. The bond between Owner and Pup is one of love, like we love our own canine companions. It is perfectly fine to express love and sincere feelings you experience as a pup, but remember the point above - your Owner has other relationships, so you become part of that, as he may become part of yours. But that bond should not cause suffering for anyone's personal lives.
  • Both of us will be discreet and keep pup play private to a great extent. You will not divulge the training knowledge you receive to other masters or pups, just because they can do their own work - I am not here to give a free ride to lazy Masters. 
  • You will not train other pups until you reach a level of competency to do so, and I will tell you so when you are capable. You may have the desire to instruct other pups, and you can learn how to do so. However, if you wish to learn from me you need to focus on learning on actually being a pup first and that means dedicating yourself to being my pup, and not starting your own pack. That may come later. 
  • You will practice the exercises and train to become a pup, and I will teach you. Eventually you will achieve a level of competency and confidence to be a pup in front of others besides the pack. You won't do that until you are deemed ready, as it can compromise your training.
  • You will always do this in your pup training and play - have fun, enjoy it, be honest and open and loving, respect your owner and trainer.

If you are ever unsure of something, ask me. Discuss pup training with your partner as well. It is best they are aware and if possible included in some way in the experience. The road ahead is an amazing one pup, and you will want to have company. 

Obedience doesn't mean captivity - you will simply be learning and dedicated to a Trainer while you learn

Obedience doesn't mean captivity - you will simply be learning and dedicated to a Trainer while you learn

Pup Independence Quiz *
Pup Independence Quiz
Click on the level of agreement for each statement
I rarely make any social plans without consulting my Master
I rarely make any social plans that do not include my Master
I prefer that my Master handle all my major decisions
I tend to blame my Master whenever things go wrong
I won't wear any outfit my Master doesn't like
I feel insecure when my Master spends time with other pups and doesn't include me
I like to know where my Master is at all times
I make sure my Master is always aware of my whereabouts
I feel uncomfortable if my Master travels without me for pup play
I have trouble sleeping if Master is not next to me
I would never shop for or cook food my Master doesn't like - even if I really like it
I feel nervous at BDSM events without my Master by my side
I won't buy any gear my Master does not like
I believe my Master is the only person who understands the real me
I frequently think how I would be lost without my Master
I fear displeasing my Master in any way
I fear my Master abandoning me
I am generally a people pleaser
I would never contradict my Master in public
I give in easily in arguments with my Master
I believe people form judgements of me based on what they think of my Master
I saw "we" far more often than I say "I"
I believe I couldn't be a pup without my Master
I avoid people who my Master doesn't care for
I would rather be alone with my Master than socialise with others
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