What is Human Pup Training?

Sirius Pup Training as a way of learning human pup play

Almost all of the information on siriuspup.net is for our pack of human pups to learning how to a "be" a pup. Now, some people prefer to just dive right into human pup play and do what they want. That's perfectly fine for them, and more power to them. Our packs approach is "our packs" approach, not a one size fits all pathway that we expect everyone else to do to. The lessons and activities are here for our pack to learn and practice to become the pups they want to be over time. If you want to learn and develop pup play skills the way we do, then you are welcome to follow the suggested path set forth below. This is a suggestion - in no way are we demanding or expecting anyone outside our pack to do what we do and how we do it. It is all about choice. Please be respectful of people and their freedom to choose. We are. In case you are wondering why the training is detailed so much on a website, it is worth remembering that many of us in our pack live apart, so this site is a primary source of review and training. We meet as regularly as our schedules allow to build on what we are sharing. 

If you do decide you want to become a Sirius "style" pup, you really need human pup training, and that means having a Trainer. An Owner would also help, but you most certainly need a Trainer to help as your guide and teacher, giving you feedback and support. It is always easier to learn with a teacher guiding you. The Sirius Pup pack Trainer is me, Jyan, aka Boss or Sir or Master.  

We learn pup play in lessons that are structured and planned. It generally takes from 20 minutes to 90 minutes to complete a whole lesson. Lessons are organised into "categories" like Kennel, Play, Obedience etc. And within each category is a "level" or expertise or accomplishment. The point of the categories and levels is to make it easier to learn in small segments rather than be overwhelmed with everything at once. There is a standardisation of lessons for the Collars, but the sequence in which they are done, and their implementation is tailored for each pups circumstances. You don't necessarily need to complete a whole Collar to begin on some of the next steps. 

It all begins with First Collar Training. Here is a rough guide to what a new Sirius pup can expect to be doing. 

You should read about Obedience and be aware that to learn you should feel free to ask questions. Before you embark on training, you need the materials to do it well. FCT Kennel explains the utility of a pup mat, FCT Gear shows you the two important pieces of First Collar equipment you need. The place to get a tail is through here

For the physical side of training, we begin with FCT Voice, where we set the guidelines for sounds to make early on and how to use titles when interacting with me, your Trainer. We will discuss the value of not making sounds as a new pup. As well, in your first few weeks you need to practice the exercises of FCT Body, and expand your understanding as you do your early movements as a pup. These early first movements are dedicated to getting control of your body as a tool to express your pup self.

Then we begin practice of the stances in FCT Posture, which you will need to practice every couple of days if not daily. To demonstrate you know the three stances of FCT Posture you will take photos of yourself (preferably with a friend or loved ones help) performing the stances.  After a couple of weeks we assess your work and then move on to FCT Behaviour training. 

At the end of FCT Physical you should be able to express your mood and demeanour and communicate that roughly in pup postures and stances. You will certainly be able to appear as a pup ready to learn for a master. 

Simultaneous to the physical is the mental training. You should have read about Obedience and be aware you should feel free to ask questions.

Before you embark on the mental training you need to have a sorted your personal and emotional life out so you are not suffering anxiety or stress. You will want to always be engaging in positive discussion with your Trainer and avoid assumptions. The road to creating a true and lasting pupzone in your mind takes self discipline and positive belief. 

We begin with FCT Mind, so that you can begin to relax and create a sense of being in tune to your body with your creative mind.  The exercises are done regularly by you with feedback and discussion with your Trainer to refine the path to making a pupspace happen. The thinking like a dog is helped by you being exposed to dogs, as FCT Play will show you.

As well, in your first few weeks you begin to engage with your body with FCT Scent training. Learning your smell is not as much a physical training, involving movement, as it is mental involving creating new behaviours and leading to a development of a pup personality eventually. In conjunction with FCT Territory we begin to create more pup behaviours. 

Over the following weeks through discussion with your Trainer you learn about your "persona" and FCT Interaction develops the themes and ideas of crafting and being your pup self further. 

At the end the mental training you should be able to define your personal pup territory, and have an emerging sense of smell for your pup self. The groundwork for your pup personality will have begun, and you will have a name for your pup self. 

Training goes on to Second, Third and Fourth Collars. And there are avenues to learn to be an Owner Trainer yourself, as well exploring different cultural perspectives to human pup play.  

Human Pup Training