My Introduction To Pup Play


Hey there Guys,

I thought it might be nice for my first post to not only introduce myself but also share a little on how I discovered I was a connected to the pup play world.

As an introduction, I am Gpup. I am the proud Alpha of Sirius Pups and thrilled to be part of this wonderful pack. 

For years I have always identified with the strong role of the dog. I love their innate and natural ability to understand people, their devotion to a master and eternal ability to love.

My first biopup was a wonderful German Shepherd. He was strong, devoted and loving. Since this wonderful pup I have only cared for Shepherds and in my human pup life I certainly identify as Shepherd. Devoted and protective yet playful and silly. I'm proud of my Master, Pup Boss Jyan and my wonderful pup brother Trooper Bravo.

My first introduction to life as a human pup was on a holiday to San Francisco.

Travelling with my partner we were attending Dore Alley, a fantastic, fun leather and fetish street fair where we happened upon a cute pack of human pups. Many were in full rubber, masks and having a wonderful time in a puppy pile.

Off to the side was a handsome pup with leather puppy mask, collar and leash and full uniform leather shirt and pants. I was curious and excited, I had to get to know this pup.

I approached his master and explained that I was on holidays and was greatly missing my pups back home and asked his permission to pat his pup. The master was a lovely chap and he was more then happy for me to pat his pup.

What started as a brief pat ended out as a lovely conversation, he explained much about life as a pup and how both he and his pup had such fun together. I got to have a great chat with his pup and it was clear at that point that some time, some how I was going to be a pup.

I had no idea when but I knew it was going to happen.

Later that day I purchased my first leather puppy hood, the same hood you can see in the picture with this post. I still can remember my heart beating faster as I first placed the hood over my head. My first act of submission, my first act of admitting to myself that I was a human pup. This is a moment I now look back on with much joy as it was my first memory of being a pup.

For five years that leather puppy hood lived in the same plastic bag I purchased it in, waiting for the right time to transform and acknowledge my complete pup self. What I have learned is that when you ask the universe it will most certainly supply. As if marked in the stars, perhaps from the constellation of Sirius, I was fortunate to meet my Master.

To be continued.

Gpup Alpha