Where does the Pup Training lead to?

Learning everything involved in human pup play training is not enough to make you a good pup. It will certainly give you many skills and a lot of experience, and you are sure to enjoy the training. Yet what you learn as a pup has to be placed in perspective within your whole life. You ultimately need to be a good human to be a good pup. Sirius pup training aims to help you do that. 

From pup training you learn to think outside that box of being a human in human society, and you become a more widely developed person. Along the way to full puphood you establish deep and sustaining friendships with your trainer and packmates. As a pup you can learn to enjoy being a pup, going out and about in the world and experiencing it from a pups point of view at times. You understand and revel in the simple pleasure of being a pup in of itself. 

Getting to that point means you learn to rely  and respect an expert - your trainer. You give of yourself to them, and in turn you are loved and cared for you as an owner does for their canine companion. Your trainer helps create and maintain a positive and optimistic outlook towards puphood and shows you all you need to know about it, helping you develop a whole other self - your pup. Yet your owner and trainer helps you retain a healthy view of human nature. You don't stop being you the human being.

So at the end of pup training you will feel you have all the knowledge you need, you will know in your heart and mind what being a pup is. What being a good pup is. And you will be able to bring your passion to pup play with others in a healthy partnership with common sense. You know that puphood has a larger meaning than just wearing a collar and hood. You have relationships with your owner and trainer and packmates that are as strong as family. You have learnt to take into consideration the needs of other pups, because that what being in a pack is about - mutual support and love.

As a good pup, a fully trained pup, you will know what the limits of what you can do are. You aren't fearful of new things in pup play, never overwhelmed by the unexpected. From pupspace in your head you can see to the heart of important problems when they occur in pup play, and you have an accurate view of your strength and weaknesses as a pup. Being experienced and confident, other pups will turn to you for advice. It is by being consistent to a high standard of behaviour as a pup that you have earned their admiration and respect. You aren't alone as a Sirius pup, but part of a community. 

A good Sirius pup is the pup who is trained and has acquired the expert knowledge in being a pup. That pup knows what really matters to them and to others in puphood. That knowledge is not idle because he not only behaves like a good pup but he also meaningfully integrates that virtue of his inner pup into his own life. You take what you have learnt and be a good person, and a good pup.