Sirius Pup - Human Pup Play

Welcome to, a site for the Sirius Pups here in Australia. By that we mean our group of human pup players who affiliate and call ourselves the Sirius Pup Pack. Still, you may find sections of the site interesting to you as well. This is a big site, so take your time to explore - you can simply click on video links and watch us, however a lot more is gained if you read up on various aspects of pup play too. 

This is simply one way of performing human pup play, and is not for everybody nor are we advocating it as the only way or as something you should do. Read, watch, listen, enjoy and use common sense. Woof!

Sirius Pup shows one path we have mapped out in the forest of Bondage Discipline Sado Masochism sexual expression and play.  

 At the bottom of each page there are links to follow on to a related topic. It is just one way of exploring the site. Don't forget to use the sidebar menu to navigate as well. Most of the tabs open out showing more topics.