Second Collar Training - Scent 2

You need to taste your own piss

Your piss is a powerful tool for you to use as a pup. If you are going to use it properly you will need to get over any human social hang ups you have regarding it. Already in FCT Territory you have been pissing in all kinds of places. Now, every time before you shower, you are going to piss on yourself. Begin by aiming the stream onto your feet, feeling its warmth over your toes. As you come to enjoy that feeling, over several days progress to pissing on your shin, then your leg. Slowly but surely progress upwards over the days ahead, till you are directing that stream to your face. Eventually you are going to be brave enough to taste it. Don't try and drink your morning piss. This activity is not about turning you into a piss pig. It is about you becoming accustomed to piss as a pup action. Pups can and do piss on each other. You will be doing that as a pup. But before marking a pup as yours, you need to overcome human conditioning regarding piss.

After pissing beforehand, shower and go about your business.  Don't focus on what you just did, but incorporate it into your routine and day as a little bit of pup practice. Tell your Owner and Trainer how you are faring at your piss activity, and receive the positive feedback you deserve.

If you are a pig who likes watersports, this activity will seem easy for you. As with FCT Territory, you actually have a little more work to do than the non pig pup. Follow this activity exactly as described, but add some vocalisation to it - growl, grrrrr, woof. What you need to do is differentiate your normal piss play fun from pup pissing. There needs to be a supplementary action accompanying your pissing so you can always signal to yourself and others that you aren't pissing as a human. When marking Territory, all you needed to do is focus on  dominance and visualising yourself as a pup. With this piss play in Scent, you must do an action, like a vocalised guttural growl, or even simply putting your tongue out and panting a little like a dog.

The second activity is done with your Owner and Trainer, as you are marked as his. You can guess that it involves a shower of piss, but what you won't be expecting is to carry his scent for some time. Depending on your circumstances, as discussed with your Owner and Trainer, you may need to shower after you have had his piss all over you. That is fine. But Second Collar Scent training requires you to wear your Masters piss for some time, and outside the training session. A sensible compromise to smelling completely of his piss for a day, or more, is to wear his piss on your beard or simply your cheeks. You will smell it and know you are Owned and Marked. You can shower but avoid your face for a day. What is important here is knowing you are pissed on by your Owner and Trainer and smell of him.