Second Collar Training - Obedience

Ownership means you are the Property of someone else and your fate is in their hands

Taking your First Collar was a step on the path to puphood. Earning your Second Collar requires proof of your submission to your Owner and Trainer. Through the lessons of the First Collar you have gauged your Trainers seriousness and sincerity. Now you must allow your Owner and Trainer to shape you into the pup you wish to be. There is no way to do this without submission and ownership. Any other way is avoiding the cold hard fact that every dog is better off owned. A stray pup often feels untethered and unaccountable, finding it difficult to maintain their role as a pup without serving an active dominant Trainer. The Ronin pup is not lonely, but his is a path taken after being fully trained and once part of a pack. For you pup, the moment has come to devote yourself to your Owner and Trainer and truly try to be the best pup you can be. There is an exercise to follow to help you begin to learn to submit, but first the main task of the Second Collar is to work out your own rules together. 

With your Trainer and Owner guiding and directing you, together you will create a Personal Protocol, which is simply a set of rules for you to follow. These rules give you a structure and expectations to live by, and show your seriousness and sincerity as you abide by them. Through dedication and self discipline you become a true pup. 

Importantly, your Personal Protocol is personal, tailored to your circumstances and situation. It has to account for what are acceptable and reasonable behaviours in all areas of your life. Your obedience and service to your Owner and Trainer cannot and will not supplant your ordinary life, rather it should co-exist in harmony with your already established relationships and work. There may be some behaviours you have that your Owner and Trainer wish to discourage - such as smoking or excessive drinking for example. These are discussed and managed by the Personal Protocol.

The Personal Protocol extends even further though, into Ritual and Forms of Address. You are already calling your Trainer and Owner, Boss or Sir. The Personal Protocol will elaborate on what are required forms of address, how to speak to your Owner and Trainer, in certain situations.

You must give all of yourself in submission

Before you begin to follow a Personal Protocol, you need to practice submission and obedience. We start by controlling two regular bodily functions - when you shit and when you cum. It is simple. Whenever you need to do a shit, you must ask permission from your Owner Trainer. Whenever you wish to cum, you must ask permission as well. Over weeks, as you cede authority of these two very personal actions of yours to your Owner and Trainer, you will find it easier to understand submission be obedient.

The second exercise to do is to create a set of words, phrases, with your Owners help. You will say these words aloud when you jerk off and are close to cumming, and as you cum. It's a simple way of associating Ownership with your sexual pleasure. Example words are

My master owns my puphole, it is my masters. Sir I worship your cock and serve it. I am your Pup Sir. My cock is yours Sir, I am yours Sir. Own me please Sir. Keep me please Sir.