Winter ending 2012


The cherry blossom trees in my street are beginning to flower. It means winter is officially ending. Although winter is good snuggling with a pup weather, there is a greater range of activities with spring and summer. Bush walks, beach walks, street walks, night walks - you get the idea. Most importantly to me it means I can do some training for the pups outdoors. And the chill won't be a factor indoors anymore either.
Scent training is a lot easier when everyone sweats in summer, and marking territory a lot more fun when a pups nuts aren't chilly as he pisses on a wall somewhere.
This winter has seen the birth of the pack, with Alpha and Trooper in remote training. Storm Bull is on the far horizon, and there might be another pup or two waiting in the wings. It's been a dark year, and the pack has helped me find light and happiness to go forward. Carpe Diem.