First Collar Training - Territory

As a man, you know the pleasure of letting loose a stream of piss. Sometimes it's a sublime joy, particularly if you've been out drinking or holding it in. Yet we are taught socially to pee in a bowl or drain, and for human civilisations sake that's probably a very good thing. As a pup, you are going to break this habit. 

Use common sense when marking, but push your boundaries

Your first exercise is to piss around your house. No, not on the curtains. If you really want to, then go ahead, but if your partner or housemate is annoyed - remember I said not to, and it should make sense why now. Use some common sense, use your imagination, but at the very least cover an outside wall of your house in a pup piss stream.

This, as you probably already realise, is marking your territory.

Piss over boots, over car tyres, on fences - basically anywhere you feel like you want to claim as "I have been here".

Before you unzip, do what you have to do as a human. Check for innocent bystanders who might freak out, oncoming traffic, hail. As you drop your shorts, unzip, pull your cock out - don't think about the surroundings anymore, focus on the pleasant feeling of holding yourself. Your aim, pardon the pun, is to transform this action from one that is seen as taboo or unpleasant to a fun and pup focused activity.

If you happen to be a watersports player already, you actually have even more work to do. You need to creatively visualise yourself as a pup peeing. Use your imagination to turn these pleasant sensations into pup action. Imagine your pissing as you marking something as yours, as you showing dominance. 

Peeing on your territory is easy, and you should follow up and remark regularly. Don't simply piss somewhere once and think you're done. To be a true pup, you master this activity with fervour. Push yourself and pee somewhere different as often as possible. The carpark, the kitchen sink, the side of the road on a drive, your mates get the idea. 

Overcome your boundaries and restrictions and express yourself as a pup. Check in with your Owner Trainer on what you marked today.