Siriuspup ver1 report

Siriuspup seeks to become an excellent resource for anyone interested in human pup play. We want our website to be as dynamic and fun as our pack is. Anyone interested in pup play; whether a pup in training, an owner handler or trainer, or just a new recruit to the play should find our site helps and entertains them.
The site is managed by me, Pupboss Jyan, with development by myself and the pack contributing as well. Our written content is mostly my text, with contributions by MancerBear, and Just Some Chap in excellent stories. The pack contributes their experiences in text and pictures too. Affiliated pups Bouncer Pup Kyle, and Pup Gadget of SEA-PAH give us images to use as well.

Over the next few months we will be including feedback forms, a chat room, a discussion forum, and video and audio of pup training. So there's a lot to look forward too.