Second Collar Training - Posture

Having practised and mastered the basic positions of FCT Posture, it is time to learn another three stances. Once again, each have a simple name, which I will speak whilst pointing my figure or patting the surface I want you to move to and be there in the requested posture. Don't forget the instruction on being careful and safe in posture in the post Avoiding Common Injuries in Pup Play to give you guidance in looking after yourself. All of the Second Collar  Positions are about surrendering yourself to your Owner and Trainer. They all require you to open your body and give it over to him. This submission and giving of yourself is at the heart of the Second Collar, and you want to be sincere, giving with your heart and mind so your body naturally follows. 


This position is to show you are obedient and in total respect of your owner, allowing him to know that you think he is the most important thing in your world right now. Kneel comfortably as you would in Kneel, with your upper body calmly erect and your hands at your upper thighs, fingers curled inward but not in a fist. Look downward to the floor, then lower your whole body forward, sliding towards your master as you lower your head in submission. This supplicating position, traditionally referred to as prostrating oneself before another, is the act of submission, of surrender to your masters will. It is also a posture assumed in prayer and reverence in some religions. Practice the Submit posture at home on your floor, in a quiet room. Do it for thirty seconds or so at a time, and think of your Owner and Trainer as you do it. Over time develop a quick and natural response so you can assume this position quickly. Do not assume this stance with anyone but your Owner Trainer.


This position is a simple transition from the Present or All Fours position, and it shows you are submitting and offering yourself to your Owner and Trainer. Whether it is to have your tail put in, or to receive a more intimate plugging, you are submitting your puphole to Sir. From Present, or All Fours, lean downwards and place you arms crossed, or spread out if that works best for you, on the ground in front of you. Be comfortable at all times, as you angle your arse up and make sure you are dilating your hole and your cheeks are unclenched. As you rest your head on your arms and make mental effort to get into pupspace so you can receive that tail. There are variations to the Offer Posture, as illustrated below. Whether you are on your back pup, or standing and leaning against something, the action of Offering is the same. The essential element of the Offer is that you are showing your open and easily accessible arsehole to your master, as you relax your arsehole, unclench your arsecheeks, and lower your head. You can practice this daily. Every time you need to do a shit, as soon as you have dropped your pants, take a few seconds before starting a bowel movement to relax your hole and unclench your cheeks.


Lastly there is the Curl position. It is similar to the Offer stance, as it allows your Owner and Trainer access to your body for a tail, however it also allows restraints to be placed on you easily. To assume the Curl stance, lie down flat on your back. Slowly and carefully lift up your legs, bending them at the knee as you do so. Grab hold of your shins, or your ankles, and rest. That is the position, and it requires a bit of flexibility. Practice at it will bring good results. However, do not over do it and strain your back at this position pup. Do the Curl position with care at all times. If the position is difficult for you, you can vary this position with a half Curl, laying flat on your back and raising you legs up slightly and holding your thighs rather than your shins or ankles. The essential element of the Curl is to be on your back and offering your arse with your legs and arms close together, ready to be restrained if necessary.