Second Collar Training - Gear

Having a tail fitting comfortably, and wearing a collar, you are ready to step up to the serious level of pup play - a Hood and Suit. You will find that you will probably end up with multiple hoods and possibly multiple suits, as you find gear that is comfortable and attractive to you. 

The Hood

A Hood is vital to pup play, but you don't need to wear it to be in the pupzone. You can find that pupspace in your head without a Hood any time.  What a Hood does is signify your transition to puphood to everyone else, and really bring home to you that your body is now a pup not a human. Behind that hooded mask your human expressions disappear, and your Hood becomes your face - your identity. Pup play does nto require wearing a pup Hood, but using one does make some parts of training a lot easier. 

It is likely you will have at least two hoods. One for play and fun, one for show and display. The Play Hood will allow you to use your mouth, giving your owner easy access to your mouth for whatever he wants to put in there. A Play Hood also can be flexible and take a beating from rough housing with the packmates. On the other hand, the Show Hood will be a higher quality and impressive looking hood, one that resembles your pup self as you imagined in SCT Persona. Neither are cheap, and you should choose carefully. 

The Suit

The pup Suit is not for business or scuba diving, though both can look rather sexy with a pup hood. The Suit is a body covering that helps obscure your human body and skin. The nature and size of your suit is very much a personal choice, although your Owner will have his own preferences as to how you will look as well. The important factors in choosing a suit are your body size and shape, the comfort of the suit, the material it is made of, and the use of the suit. If you are a slender pup, then you have a wide range of options for a body suit. If you are a hefty big pup, then you have much fewer choices. You need to decide, and your Owner and Trainer will help here, how much of your body you wish to cover. There is no set firm rule here. You may wish to have the skimpiest of suits, little more than a loin cloth. Or you may prefer a full body zentai style suit. Work with your Owner and Trainer at choosing what looks best for your body shape and size.

The material of your suit is also important. Neoprene is great for watersports and rough play, but you will sweat in it quickly. Cotton will tear easily and can look cheap after a while. Spandex is often a good choice for a suit. But whatever material you choose, the suit has to fit comfortably. You  don't want to be distracted from enjoying pup play by a suit that is uncomfortable and needs constant adjustment. Lastly, think of the look of the suit for its purpose. If you are looking to play and have fun with your packmates, then a wrestling singlet works well. If you are looking to show your pup self on display, then a full latex or rubber suit will have a wow factor.

Wearing your suit and hood should be done sparingly to begin with pup, and only with your trainer. As you receive the positive feedback from your trainer, then others he deems safe to see you in your suit and hood, you become more confident of expressing yourself as a pup.