World Pup Play

other cultural nuances on human pup play

There are two compelling reasons I have broadened pup training to include more than one cultural approach. You are reading these words in English, and many native speakers of its tongue assume that their own approach to pup play is, well, superior. It is not. There is no exact, no superior, no "true" approach to pup play. By understanding that you, the reader, are but a part of the world of pup play rather than the pinnacle of it, you can then conceive of other approaches and learn from them. Always keep that in mind and you will benefit from examining the other ways.

If Sirius Pup needed a reason to like the United Nations - it puts Australia at the top of the world. Oi!

As stated at the beginning, there are two reasons we have created other cultural approaches. 

Firstly, Sirius Pup play caters to the experience and social mores of Australia. The whole way I have set out to practice pup play is influenced by my culture here. My nation is a multicultural one, with many cultures being woven into our national fabric. To be Australian usually means to have descent from somewhere else. So for us, it is perfectly sensible to add to the pup play experience by accessing "other" cultural heritages. An "Aussie" pup can easily be German, Chinese, Japanese, French, or any other descent and still an "Aussie" pup - it is living here that makes you Australian.  

Secondly, our island continent teaches us the value of reaching out to explore and make a bridge to other cultures. Isolated in the southern hemisphere by the world's two largest oceans, in a different time zone to much of the world, our active modern dynamic society of Australia is always reaching out to the world. We stay in touch. We know that our nearest neighbours speak many different languages and have very different cultures, and outnumber us at least one hundred to one. To do business, we learn a bit of their ways. It's that simple. 

In the interest of cultural exchange and empowerment and learning, Sirius Pup presents some additional cultural approaches to human pup play. Each are based on material works which relevantly underpin that society and are not our biased impressions. These approaches are named 'Paths' to explain that a pup can walk that path and learn from it, yet still be the pup of where he came from or is now.  

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