1CT - First Collar Training

First Collar Training is a system of grading development as a human pup for members of the Sirius Pup Clan. Learning to be a pup is a far more complex process than simply putting a hood on and going "woof". That's simply "playing" pup, no more no less than costume sexual fetish roleplay. That's totally fine for those who want to just do that. However, for those pups who choose to learn within the Clan, puphood is a journey, and the things you learn along the way help determine the depth of wonder and fun you experience as a pup later on.

To help facilitate a common sense approach and make it possible for new pups to get an idea of what to expect, I have put lessons, exercises, activities in stages called Collars. Like a Judo belt, you begin at a lower stage and work your way up to mastery. It seems wanky, and rather silly - yes it does -  but it's a simple and effective way to explain the Sirius Pup pathway 

The end goal is up to me and the pup. It is a cooperative final resolution of puphood, and a forging of a new persona available to have fun with when a person wants.

This is not the only way to learn puphood

It cannot be stated boldly enough that the system I present here is just one way of realising puphood, and it may not be for you. I make no pretension to be an expert in the field of BDSM mastery, or a wise man with the best way of doing something. I am just me, a guy in Australia who loves pup play and pup training and is doing my personal best to train my pack and share what I know. I won't share all levels of Collar with the general public, because it's my work, and there has to be a point that if you want to do it my way then you join the pack and do so.

Entering into puppy play you want to feel as relaxed as you can. Being tense will make it much harder to engage with others, and impede you entering into pupspace as is explained under FCT Mind. You want to be able to use your physical and emotional energy to have fun, not waste it on tension. 

Being relaxed and ready to participate in pup play is much more than being casual or laid back, and certainly more than drooling and having a hard on. Ideally you want to be in a state of calm readiness with energy brimming and waiting to be used.

always stretch before play

Exercise - Relax before getting active as a pup

Do this simple exercise before pup play and you will fare better at all activities. Begin by standing as a normal human on two feet, with your legs slightly apart. Starting with your shoulders, stretch your arms upward, as far as you can reach. Then let your arms fall. Do this a few times.

Shrug your shoulders, raising them as high as you can, holding for a moment, then dropping them. Once again do this a few times. Roll your shoulders forward in a circling movement, and them roll them backward. Your upper body should be releasing tension at this stage.

All that you need to do now is release tension in your arms and legs. To relax your arms and hands, swing your arms like a windmill, then slowly and flexibly flap them like a bird, then raise your arms and let them fall as though through water. It sounds complicated, yet use your imagination to practice the movement and it becomes easy to do. Finally, simply shake each leg loosely in turn. After all this movement you will have released some tension from the body. It is also a helpful practice to do so that you mentally separate your pup play practice from everyday life, helping you leave mundane concerns behind.