Hey there, my name is Dire. I have been a wolf for pretty much the majority of my life. I always felt a huge affinity to wolves. at 21 i came across a website called Leatherdog. but before i decided to persue it i decided to go into the military to find myself and what i was capable of. after the military in 2001 i came across leatherdog again and then encountered the site called pupzone and really got to making really good pup friends on there as well as i became part of a pack via Australia while i lived in the USA. it was great for many years but after a while i really felt the hit of the distance, in so i left the pack but stayed connect with them and i formed Full metal kennel as a local group for pups to get together and hangout socially. locally i was one of the few pups to appear locally in gear. several years later i became part of a leather family and they really helped me grow. During that time i started the SEPP aka Southeast Pup Party currently in a TBA status till i find a venue for it. 

After 6 years of being apart of that family i finally walked away since things were not what we had originally agreed and we drifted apart. as a stray wolf i do ok hehe, one day i will be collared again but till then awwwooooooooooo!

oh btw my name Dire comes from my love for Paleontology/Anthropology/archeology as well as the prehistoric animal the Dire Wolf. i have also taken on the other name of Fang aka Supermutt. so many of the things you see from me will have Supermutt attatched to it.

Supermutt is the living personification of my innerstrngth and plus I AM Supermutt!


Dire aka Supermutt