Niyamas - what to do

Shvan Yoga sets forth simple actions that a human pup should always practice. These are basic principles of a Hindu life but they can be especially applied to human pup play. Practising Shvan Yoga will not make you a Hindu - they are usually born not made. Usually you need to be born into a Hindu family and accept the Vedas, the holy texts, to be a Hindu. The Niyamas are simple rules and actions that are Hindu tradition and will elevate your spirit pup - but do not presume that because you follow Shvan Yoga that you are entitled to call yourself a Hindu. 

You are a dog, and it is right you get filthy - just clean yourself up afterwards

Saucha - cleanse yourself

Though you can enjoy getting filthy in human pup play, for simple sanitary reasons, you should clean yourself thoroughly before and after play. It is important to help prevent disease and sickness to be clean and safe. 

Santosha - be content

Look to what you already have as a pup, and avoid the trap of craving for stuff that you don't and whining about it. Of course it is ok to strive to have better and live better, that is Artha after all. So it can be said that it is good to be content, but not satisfied. You can enjoy what you have but still seek better.

Kshama - be patient

The world moves at its own pace, and no matter how much you might wish it to be otherwise, things have to develop naturally. Be patient and don't fret or get frustrated pup if things go slow. Instead develop inner strength and internal fortitude by being patient. 

Don't let your cock rule your mind and forget what you are doing Shvan Yoga for - to be a better being

Don't let your cock rule your mind and forget what you are doing Shvan Yoga for - to be a better being

Tapas - be self disciplined

A good pup focuses his will and concentrates on what he is doing. You must exercise your will power and focus to that you can develop and  use your skills at human pup play. 

Daya - show compassion

Everything alive has a purpose in the scheme of things, so it's best for a human pup to accept others as they are. You should empathise and care for others, for to not do so is a form of self hatred. Shvan Yoga expects you to not be focused on the faults of others as it will lead to pettiness and resentment, blocking you from being compassionate. 

Svadhyaya - study that leads to understanding

Show reverence for your god Bhairava Shiva before and after pup play by doing ritual acts in his honour. You can also honour other gods, but never forget to put Bhairava Shiva first as all you do in human pup play is under his auspices

A pup should study diligently his Master's teachings on human pup play. You will be instructed on all aspects of human pup play, and it is important you pay attention and strive to learn the meaning behind things as well as learning to do the actions and behaviours. 

Japa - repeat gods name

Each time a human pup repeats the name Bhairava Shiva, it helps bring the blessing of the god onto the pup and his endeavours. The name can also serve as a mantra, being repeated over and over, to help clear a humans mind so he can enter his pupspace. The simple repition of Bhairava Shivas name is all that is needed to help elevate a pups spirit and focus his mind. 

Pujas - worship the gods

A Puja is a short ceremony of worship. It usually includes a prayer at the beginning and end of pup play. The ceremony can include physical motions of a ritual fro a pup to have something concrete to focus on in order to keep his mind concentrated on the Shvan Yoga path. A small altar to Bhairava Shiva should be in your play space. Ritual offerings can be made to him before and after pup play. 

Worshipping Bhairava Shiva

Firstly, it is extremely important to note that Shvan Yoga is a private activity. It MUST not be done or performed in front of others, with the exception of your Master and those whom understand and accept your devotion to Bhairava Shiva. The worship and activity you do might offend others sensibilities, and that is not what you wish to do to better yourself. 

Before you engage in revering your god, take of your shoes or boots pup, take off your head covering of hood, and be clothed modestly or not at all. Ordinarily you would avoid any leather items, and you would be fully clothed in Hindu devotions. However, you are a human pup, and following Shvan Yoga - so you can break some rules and still show respect. A black leather harness on your chest is probably the most appropriate attire for prayer.

Your can construct a simple altar by simply having a picture, or a statue of Bhairava Shiva. Place it in a prominent place so that the god can watch over all your actions in the pup play scene ahead. To gather the gods attention simply wave a lighted candle or light in front of the altar. 

You can intone a prayer to Bhairava Shiva by using words of your own choosing, and kneel or position yourself pup like however you wish. If you have an altar in a permanent place, say in your dungeon play space, you should leave an offering of food or incense to the statue or image of the god.