First Collar Training - Gear :The Tail Wag

Wagging a tail for a canine serves the same function for a human in pup play. It is often just communicating the equivalent of a simple nod of recognition or a polite greeting. As a human you would use a polite smile to acknowledge someone or something. As a human pup, you wag your tail. 

a big Alpha style tail

However, your pup tail can be used to do more than say hi. You can utilise its position and movement to signal to your Owner and Trainer and other pups your needs. Most tails are of a similar external length and shape, only the internal butt plug varies in size, so the visible shape of your tail has no particular meaning except in one important exception. A large upright tail, of a size notable larger than other pups, clearly signals "here is the leader of the pack" so to speak. For canines in packs, and packs of wolves in the wild, a large raised high tail acts as a kind of flag or standard for all of the pack to see where their Alpha is. So in human pup play, choosing a distinctly large tail that is upright can indicate you are wishing to be identified as the Alpha pup. Of course, humans have an aesthetic that dogs do no. It is also obvious that an inserted tail differs from a naturally selected one. This is relevant because some men choose a larger tail to suit their "look" as they have a larger body. 

Upright Tail wagging

The actual positioning of a tail for a human pup is is static, as the silicone or rubber tail is set to curl in a fixed way. So it really boils down to a simple tail up or tail down as far as position goes. This won't vary during play obviously without a removal and reinsertion so to speak. Having the tail "up" signals that you are a top confident pup and you want everyone to know it. Your tail curled "down" lets everyone know you are a bottom pup feeling a bit insecure and you don't want anyone to hurt you. In play situations this can be very important as a signal because it helps other pups know how far they can go in a rumble about. 

When it comes to wagging your tail, you face serious limitations compared to a canine. The subtle tail movements and variations a dog can do will elude you even if you are the most accomplished butt wiggler. It is extraordinarily hard to compete with the natural ability of a dog whose tail actually has muscle.

Generally, a wagging of your tail signals excitement and happiness to all who see it. Specifically, the faster your tail moves the more enthusiastic and excited you are. A slight tail wag shows you acknowledge, you are paying attention. That slight tail wag even serves as a "hello there" to a stranger. At the other end of the scale is the broad tail wag with wide swings that happen by forcefully moving your hips side to side. This tail movement should be reserved for your Owner and Trainer as it shows you are greatly enthused and will follow your master anywhere and do whatever he wants. 

Your tail is more than just a pleasure on your prostate, and something to help you look like a dog. It is also a great way to be a pup.