What are these Icons about?

- they are a bit of fun and recognise a lesson learnt at the same time

To recognise the effort and capability of each pup in the Sirius Pup Training we use a system of Badges, simple Icons that represent an achievement:- that a pup has successfully understood, learnt, practised, and demonstrated capability at that particular lesson.  The merit recognised is only for pups who do the workshop or lesson. It's not meant to be too serious, rather it is a fun way of recognising what each pup has done on their path to feeling fulfilled as a Sirius pup. But most importantly the Badges serve to remind us what lessons a pup has already done so that we don't reiterate and reiterate. 

The aim of the Training profiles is to acknowledge the hard work and ability of these pups. It is certainly not a sum total of who they are. Each pup is much more than I could ever define by a few statements or awards. So don't take any of it too seriously! Every pup has some statistics presented along with his profile picture, and a gallery of them learning in action. 

Learning to be a Sirius Pup requires making an effort and doing, thinking, being creative, and challenging oneself. So at the end of the day all of us in Sirius Pup Training can get an idea of where they are at by checking the badges on each pups profile.