First Collar Training Survey

Hi pups, here is a survey to find out what has been helpful articles for you on First Collar Training. It is pretty simple, and from it I can look to see what needs revising. Click on the level of agree you have to indicate how useful it was to you in First Collar Training. If you think the training section would be better placed in a different collar or removed, then you indicate strongly disagree. If you think it is an absolute essential to all early pup training then you strongly agree. Otherwise its a choice somewhere inbetween showing how useful it was for you. 

I recommend reading each page and viewing the accompanying videos before making a selection on choice.  You can cut n paste the url easy enough into your browser. If you are using your phone, then simply use the menu and review First Collar Training in descending order. 

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Your Pup name
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FCT Survey 2013
do you like the article and consider it useful for First Collar introductory training?
are there any sections in First Collar Training you think could do with some clarification - articles that could be made easier to understand