Gender barriers for female pups

This article is for everyone, no matter their gender, in human pup play. It can help to understand where people may be coming from, and what hurdles they face that don't have to be there.

So - you're a girl. You were born a female human. It probably won't surprise you that in coming to pup play, you can face unwarranted expectations and attitudes on how you should be behaving, from other other pups, and Owners and Trainers. The good news is that those expectations and attitudes can be worked on to help make pup play as gender neutral as possible, rather than allow the sexist human attitudes be a barrier to participating and experiencing all the fun.

Of course, being a woman, the mere fact you could be facing prejudice and entrenched attitudes at a fetish play that is really so out there - you assume the role of canines -  it is truly bizarre to see why men might be sexist about this. Especially if they are gay males who have probably faced discrimination and bigotry themselves from other males.

Unless you have been conditioned to believe the stereotypes yourself, and think you are a princess waiting for her man to solve her problems - or watched Sex in the City and got sucked in to the subtext - you should have already developed a bit of a grit your teeth and grin and bear it response to sexism. It will help to start at that feeling as the first barrier at pup play. 

Your first task is not to be angry as sexism happens, but to forgive it. Everyone in society is bombarded with ideas and expectations of what women should and shouldn't do in their human life. As a pup, you all have to let got of that anyhow. So you can afford to be forgiving as the aim of pup play is to lose human inhibitions and be a an animal that doesn't have stupid attitudes. This pup play activity has a good likelihood of being a win win for your equality. Starting a discussion or fight for acceptance at the first sign of sexism will slow the whole play down and pull the tent down on the performance. A "grin and bear it", followed by a "forgive them because society indoctrinates them" will help you get access to play early on and from there you can help effect change better. I am not advocating forgive and 'agree' with it - no way - rather just don't waste time and energy on this battle, when as a pup you can win the unknowingly prejudiced over in the end. 

The sirius pup training discusses the importance of setting aside your human moralising during pup play, as outlined in FCT Interaction. Sexism and attitudes to gender that humans have should definitely be set aside. Identifying those attitudes can be hard at times though, as most human pups like to think of themselves as very broad-minded. Anyone in pup play can be labouring under some preconceptions of women and pup play that create genuine hurdles to a fun time for all.

Here are a number of mental barriers you may need to overcome, regardless of gender, to help a woman simply be treated as a pup same as a male pup. Take time to consider them, and if you are a pup, discuss them with your Owner and Trainer if necessary.

Female pups are not dominant, not leaders, not tops

As a guy, for some reason you might think that a female pup can't be more powerful than you, or even leader of your pack. For a start, you may consider that she needs a cock to be a "top". Maybe fucking the arse of someone communicates dominance to you. Well, you don't have to shift your thoughts too much there. Just take the tail butt plug out of your arse and let the female pup use a strap on to take your hole and take you down for your sake. Problem solved. As for leadership, gender is irrelevant, as you are all learning to be pups and adopting new personas, supposedly free of human prejudice. 

If you foolishly subscribe to some notion that pack behaviour has to be modelled on a wolf pack in the wild, think again. Look at yourself - you aren't a wolf. You are a human being pretending to be a canine. The persona you create as a pup doesn't have to have your gender preconceptions, nor should it. After all, you will never be in a wolf pack in the wild - and if you were, gender would be the least of your worries. 

Female pups are too emotionally sensitive for pup play; they are only in the scene looking for a husband

This line of thinking stems from a long history of envisioning women and treating them like this - "without a relationship, you are nothing, you are useless and wasted". The underlying message has been that a woman needs a relationship to be fulfilled, that she seeks love rather than carefree fun. It is there in the awful image of a woman as a cat or feline with her claws waiting to get stuck into a man, rather than the playful faithful hound men get to be. This is all rubbish. Women can fuck indiscriminately and men can be yearning for romantic love constantly. Men can be needy and women resolved and self reliant. The way to break out of this prejudice is to look upon human pup play as an opportunity to play as a pup, where sex and intimacy have new rules you evolve with other pups. Put aside preconceived notions of what anyone should be doing for relationships, or not, and find values and rules that work for all of you in play. 

Females are too nice to be rough and sexy pups

You might think that a woman cannot piss anywhere to mark territory, put a tail in her arse, growl and bark deeply, or hold her own in a pack of male pups. You are wrong. Woman can and often do endure stuff going in them with a lot less whining than men, and given they face menstruation for a large part of their life, they are not delicate flowers afraid of 'down there'. You don't need to worry about anyone's body but your own in pup play when to putting tails in. And the etiquette of peeing on people or grabbing tails works for any gender. As for rough n tumble - there is no need to view human pup play as soem type of gladiatorial sport - it isn't. It's play, not battle. Preconceptions that women aren't as strong and rough as men are irrelevant. 

These are just a few of the preconceptions that can get in the way, and you may certainly consider more. The key focus if to put the gender issue out of your head before engaging in human pup play. A human pup is a human pup, and once the hood is on it doesn't matter what's underneath.  

Pups can be curious but it doesn't really matter what's under the hood