Sirius Pup Myth 3 - We only do pup play sex and no other form of sex

People can be stubborn in their assumptions regarding sex. Once they see you are into a particular thing, they can steadfastly think that's all you are into. This is fair enough in that for some people pup hood and gear become 'sexual fetish objects'. Not our pack members though.  We continue our a myth debunking series here to help explain where we are on the sex with or without the hood play. This video, and all in the series are not meant to be a drama or entirely serious either - no pun intended. 

We begin with the statement - We only do pup play and no other forms of sex. 
This is wrong, and this video below is us explaining what the actual truth is. 

We aren't making a negative judgement on those who choose or are fetish bound in pup play. We are simply saying - "hey, we can fuck in lots of other ways too!" 

Sirius Pup Myth 2 - It's just one big orgy in your pack

It has happened that someone who has never met us Sirius Pups can get something about us so utterly wrong that I can't say "what the fuck?" loud enough to express myself. So we decided to create a myth debunking series here to help sort out the plainly wrong from what is actual.  It is not meant to be a drama or entirely serious series of vids either - no pun intended. 

We begin with the statement - It's just one big orgy in your pack
This is wrong, and this video below is us explaining what the actual truth is. 

There is nothing wrong with an orgy of sex. Group fucking is not a bad thing. But it isn't what we do. Sex within the pack is actually another subject which will be coming up soon in a vid. 

Sirius Pup Myth 1 - You can't be in our pack unless you are into hardcore BDSM

People can be dumb. They can believe some daft and stupid things. And our pack has certainly heard some ridiculous, and often offensive statements thrown at us over the years. So we decided to create a myth debunking series here to help shine some light of truth into the seedy suspicious shade.  It is not meant to be a drama or entirely serious either - no pun intended. 

We begin with the statement - You can't be a Sirius Pup unless you are into hardcore BDSM. 
This is wrong, and this video below is us explaining what the actual truth is. 

Pup play is usually classified as a sexual minority expression, and lumped with fetishists and practitioners of  bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and/or sadomasochism - BDSM for short. Given the recent Fifty Shades of Grey, many people have decided in their minds that there is a 'softcore' BDSM, and there is a hardcore BDSM. I am guessing that softcore is just stuff that a married couple of suburbia introduce into their love life for a bit of excitement, and that hardcore requires a dungeon and safewords and would certainly shock aunt Phyllis. 

We do practice softcore bdsm often. The hardcore BDSM is only for some of us, and is not usually part of our pup play. 

You don't have to agree

Recently I read a statement by a pup player- 

"Be part of the solution, not part of the problem..... You want to see change happen? You want new and different things to happen? Volunteer to make it happen."

and I immediately thought how if I had followed this line of thinking Sirius pups wouldn't exist. We would have been told to fit in with what suited the establishment, the "community". We would have been patronisingly placed on a low rung of the established pecking order of leatherati - the people who are carrying on tradition and history. 

History is important, but so is context. What was relevant two decades, four decades, twenty decades ago is frequently under review or changing now. The impassioned plea to remember fetish history is to remember a "version" of it - a narrative truly based on experience of some in their culture. And that is fine, but it is not wholly necessary. Our experience at Sirius pups has been to be reasoned, and not simply subscribe to a practice. We examined human pup play, we chose to redefine it for ourselves and put a lot of effort into making sense of it all. Three years later we are  trying hard to not be part of any problem in the pup community, nor do we seek to be a solution to community problems in every way. But we aren't volunteering to follow anyone either. 

As kindly meant that the exhortation "volunteer" above is, it is deeply flawed. It commands the reader to sign up to established order. This asking for volunteers is met with "here is the way we do things". And this is not just pay attention to history. In the community of human pup play I am witnessing "franchising" - where a style and format of "organising pups" is being exported as a supposed standard. Once again, kindly meant I am certain it is, but it's a one size fits all that Sirius pups does not fit into without being diminished. Our pack is different and new, and we make things happen. We don't seek to be in contrast at all to anyone else in human pup play, we are seeking to be diverse and different, to be our own thing - not part of the establishment. My reply to that quote above-

"You don't have to agree, you can do new and different things in human pup play and add to the community without needing permission. Don't volunteer to serve anyone but your creative vision if you have one. If you don't, that's cool - plenty of established practices for you. But if you do have a vision - explore it. Research it. Build it. Develop it. And don't kowtow to the format others try to press upon you"

The opening sentence "be part of the solution..." asks us to be one or the other. I am reasonably certain this is an extreme statement brought on by exasperation. Many in the fetish community are frustrated by armchair critics who do little but comment on forums. We can't fault anyone for getting the shits with the whining critics and trolls, it's enough to drive anyone to extremes. 

Yet a significant problem is the extremes. Presenting binary choices means a lack of nuance, and probably an unintended lack of respect for difference driving this "With us or against us, all or nothing, freedom or tyranny - you pick your poles" approach. A lot of creative solutions are found in the gap in between, when players have freedom to think outside the boundaries and consider possibilities. The dreadful disease of polarisation, so gripping politic in many parts of the world is infectious. 

Resist - be an individual in your community.  

Any pack of pups is part of the community, but the established order doesn't always want us. We have suffered deceitful behaviour, theft, defamation and villification. Yet, we are still doing fine. 

Mostly because we try to take a nuanced approach. We simply go out and make our path. We create content, we share, we put it in context wherever we can. We aren't perfect (my grammar is awful, my prose turgid at times, and we honestly have the worlds slowest replies to emails). But we are here. Not being moulded. You shouldn't be either.

In the places between all or nothing we can find new and different ways to express our pleasure, to explore human pup play. You don't have to agree with anything I have said - and I like that :)


Time for 2015

Time Management is a difficult thing for us all in this modern age of the internet and 24/7 life. Here is short video explanation of what hurdles exist for online pup community life for me 24/7 and trying to access me on any giving day. Living online does mean people expect to communicate with you - now. Of course that is not always possible. I provide some of the reasons why. I am committed to improving my online communication in a way that suits me and pups better. 

Some changes I will be making are:

  • using the roles of Mentor pups in the Clan more
  • not being available to solve personal problems of random pup players in the world 24/7
  • setting aside dedicated time weekly to answer emails and messages
  • placing greater emphasis on play here in my hometown
  • having a dedicated appointment time monthly on google hangout to interact
  • listening to helpful suggestions to improve communication

It has always been a major issue of Sirius Pups. Hence why the website itself came into being - to solve a problem of not being able to interact in person as much as I would like with my pups. I am proud to say I have evolved to embrace a priority of myself, home, partner, friends, pack, and clan in communication. Now to find the time to do everything! 

Afrenasia design

Helping a local designer who helps us is part of the exchange we like to do. In giving an opportunity to share a creators work and creativity with others, we are enriched by the experience in a lot of ways. And of course, we can share photos so that you can see. 

To view, to peek, is what we invite you to do. It's sharing pleasure. It is allowing you to make up a story, to imagine, to fantasise. That creative path is part of being a Sirius Pup. 

As a favourite French roleplaying game of mine says inside its front cover 

This game is not real. You are. 

Every design, every artifice is a creative act made real expressing something. What you choose to see is your part of the story.

Pack work

From trials and tribulations Sirius Pup Pack has come to understand the importance of working together as a pack of human pups. Most personal life crises of single members from within impact on the whole pack, as well as the problems of the world outside the pack affect everybody. No one in the pack escapes issues that occur. So, every effort that helps the pack work together helps everyone have a better experience of pup play and cope with any dilemmas and strife. 

There are definitely elements to creating and maintaining a cohesive pack in the beginning. Many are things that the Owner of the pack can do. One is having a firm idea of what a pack is, which can vary from person to person. From the start when adopting a new member an Owner can be aware of the pups need to master learning  and the benefit of training a pup for them. An Owner can help the pack work better by giving positive feedback and handling conflict in a constructive way. The pack can also benefit from having an Alpha pup who watches over the pups.

All of these things and more are important, yet each and every member of the pack can take actions every day to help the pack work - to function well and in a healthy way.

Everyone can be scared of change in the pack

Don't be jealous of new pups

Making a newcomer to the pack feel welcome is very important. We use our website to provide as much information as possible for a new pup who joins us to know what kind of pack we are and who we are as pups. But even in simply talking with a new pup, it really helps to ask them about their experiences and find common ground with each other. Being stand offish and guarded early on can really come across to a new pup as almost hurtful and insensitive, so it is very important to make an effort to reach out and chat and engage with new members of your pack. Keep in mind that people are almost always nervous so they will be guarded, so try not to take that personally. A smile, a greeting, an acknowledgement can make all the difference in helping pups build trust with one another. And the number one rule - don't feel threatened or jealous of new pups. Make an effort to overcome and deal with any such feelings in a healthy way. 

Talk, chat, vid!

Keep information flowing between packmates. It really helps using social networking and modern technology to stay in touch with each other. Smartphones allow us to skype chat, google hangout, facebook chat, and group message each other. And even more - we send each other pictures and vids all the time so we are in a feeling of connectedness as a pack. Importantly, it is done with respect and care - stay aware that if a text may be misunderstood, send a vid of your own words and convey your feeling better. 

Teach so that others can learn

Every pack member has skills they can share with others in the group, and we all benefit from different viewpoints on what we already know. In the caring environment of the pack it is important to remember that people learn at different rates, and sometimes in different ways. So through teaching we practice tolerance and understanding of our packmates. 

Be a packmate - not a nursemaid nor a busybody nor a critic

Help and ask for it appropriately

Offer assistance to your packmates when they are in need, yet let them stand on their own four feet. With practice you can learn to define the line between what you need to help a packmate with, and what they really could and should handle themselves. Without intruding too much into each others personal lives, we offer help to one another in trouble and guide each other along a path to having better lives overall. This is where we talk to each other when in doubt and ask packmates - "what can I do to help my packmate?"

Ask for help if you need it, and remember that if you are confused or uncertain, a packmate has probably faced that same problem in the past. You can benefit from their learning and experience by just asking. They may also have a different perspective that helps you out a lot. Simply reframing your problem can often be a huge change for you for the better. 

Speak up in the pack

You are a member and your voice should be part of the chorus of your pack. As much as you all may be talented, none of you are likely to have psychic powers so packmates are not likely to know what is going on inside your head if you don't tell them. We have training and practice on how to communicate and how to ask for things for ourselves, and most importantly on how to get what we want out of human pup play. You can avoid a lot of frustration and anger on all sides by speaking up clearly and sensibly. 

Talking in terms of outcomes rather than dwelling on the problems is extremely important.  By helping packmates focus on what they want to achieve rather than what hurdles they may face, having fun and working together is more likely to happen. You can look to the result and aim for it rather than look to the start and what barriers you face already. Even simply doing this for yourself, and overcoming hurdles inspires your fellow packmates to be braver and go after what they want. 

Problems are best solved calmly and kindly

Give feedback supportively to your packmates helps you be liked and cared about and them feel more confident and happy to be in the pack. It is that simple. 

Taking your problems to the right source is perhaps the hardest and most important thing you can do. Stress and anxiety affect us and colour our way of thinking and interacting. Without meaning to we can lash out or respond to packmates harshly, when they aren't even the real source of our stress or trauma. So, when a packmate is angry or distressed, it is all too common that the problem has nothing to do with the pack and everything to do with their job, living situation. blood sugar level..etc. When you are are angry and frustrated you aren't usually sensible and able to see that for yourself. Listening to your packmates help you see the big picture is very important. Then you can focus on acting on the right source of distress. 

Last, but not least, focus on the fun and friendship. Maintain a sense of humour as often as you can pup and you will find having fun is a whole lot easier. You are with your packmates, and they are your friends of a different collar. 

Pup streetwear

you may have noticed that Sirius pups are usually in awesome pup street wear - that's cause we like to let people know we are human pups even when the hood is off. You can see the shirts and gear in our gallery here, and you can click on any pic and it will take you straight to the site to buy it! Great stuff from the UK!

Obey the Nasty Vet and check out

A healthy human pup life

It can be a challenge at times to just live life, and being a human pup, it can get confusing. Sirius Pup has a simple guideline of what makes a healthy lifestyle, so you can check yourself any time as to whether your kink is causing you trouble. It is not meant to be canonical - we aren't your fucking priest. It's just a simple guide that can help put things in perspective.

Safety and pup play

Sirius Pup want to help the pup play community, and we do so by making our learning available here online. Yet, sometimes a human pup faces difficulties and troubles in life, and for that you need professional local assistance. The Pup Safe Project is a site dedicated to helping pups find GLBTI resources and friendly help and assistance in their region. Check it out! The site is always looking for links so by all means please send them details of organisations and professionals in your area who can help you.


Human pup play is an activity of BDSM that allows a person to generate and thrive upon a feeling of community, to feel and enjoy being part of something. Of course, community can mean different things to different people in places, so in this specific case I am using the word 'community' to describe social responsibility, teamwork, loyalty; basically identifying with a group of people interested in human pup play. This article discusses why that trait is important to us at Sirius Pups. It may be important to you too. 

Community is that sense of obligation to a common good a person can feel. You can be into human pup play for your self, but also stretch your self beyond simple self interest. You demonstrate your community virtue by not only having that strong sense of duty, but also by working for the pack, and groups of human pups rather than only for your personal gain. A community spirited pup is loyal to friends; a good packmate who can be trusted to pull her or his own weight. You can make an effort for all not just you all the time.

You can become a vocal pup about the interest of the pack and the greater community of human pups, openly valuing it over your own self interest. Be a pup who believes in the common good and wants to make the world better for those who might seek to engage in human pup play. 

This doesn't mean a pup should blindly follow collective goals to a pups own detriment. Any pack is better served when human pup exercises sound judgment based on knowledge and keeping to the interests of the whole, which includes themselves. When you help a group it doesn't have to be at your own expense, and it more often than not what benefits you as well as pup play ends up better for you too. You use rational thinking to work out the best way forward. Much like explained here under Rational Calm. 

Being part of a community, and embracing the virtue, means helping other pups even when there is nothing to be gained from them. This can seem contradictory to the often 'self' focused development Sirius Pups receive. Second Collar Training Interaction teaches the importance of 'transaction' - of ensuring a human pup negotiates outcomes that benefit both parties involved in any pup play scene. However, it is quite possible to do things for others and the gain for you is not immediate and material. You can gain by developing and feeling a stronger sense of community. What is vital is for you to honestly identify that your giving means you might take nothing from your effort but a feeling of having done good for another. 

Of course that community virtue of which we speak most often manifests as loyalty - a bond of trust to the pack, and teamwork - being able to work with other pups in your pack for a common purpose. Being loyal to someone doesn't mean needing to feel threatened or be threatening to another. 

Human society often pushes people to feel community strongly, and for people to become patriotic. That's really neither here nor there for human pup play, but it's worth understanding that if you are feeling hostility to other packs it may well be you have gone too far in your community trait, stepping past patriotism into misapplied pseudo nationalism. It's easy to see how it is irrational in almost any circumstance for a human pup to be acting hostile and territorial if you see it in terms of community. 

Although some people may believe that being territorial is emulating canine behaviour, and that's the essence of pup play for them. You can come to human pup play by different paths, and reach similar ends. What is important to remember is that there is a 'human' in the human pup, and it may be that subconsciously a pup is taking their sense of community too far and in fact demonstrating darker and more sinister human traits when they are being "territorial". Hate often comes when humans squabble over resources and territory.

A human pup embracing community doesn't embrace an "us versus them" attitude. Feeling empathy for other human pups, and exercising reason, a community pup values relationships to others in human pup play. A community pup will work to build and keep relationships with others in his community. 

There is a payoff for having the virtue of community as a human pup. Other pups will socialise with you, as you build relationships. They will respect you and look up to you. All of your effort and care will lead to a better community of human pups, and others who might be interested in human pup play will see a group of people at play, not a bunch of BDSM freaks. Your community becomes what your value of community is. 

Community matters to many human pups, and it's at the heart of Sirius Pups

Self Control

A Master is a great thing in BDSM, but it doesn't excuse poor self discipline in any person

Given the relationship human pup play has to BDSM, anyone can be forgiven for assuming that "control" of pup behaviour rests with the Master, or Mistress. For most human pups, influence and regulation of a pups behaviour is often done by their Owner Trainer. It remains true though that every human pup, without exception, can and should develop self regulation - that is self control - it's an attribute and virtue every pup should  strive for. 

Self control means the process and effect of how a human pup exerts control over his or her own responses, so a pup can pursue goals and live up to standards. All that a human pup does, all thoughts, emotions, impulses and behaviour is affected by their self control. It's about being in charge of your body, mind, and the way you act. A pup should acknowledge and recognise they need to have self control to get the outcomes they want in human pup play. 

It also means resisting temptation, and facing oneself to  do what one doesn't want to do. And last, but not least, self control means controlling your impulses so you behave in a moral fashion. This last point is important, as training to be a human pup can seem to ask you to abandon your human morality, as explained in First Collar Interaction and then Second Collar Interaction. You are not compelled to abandon being a good person or to be harmful. If anything, you are actively encouraged to communicate better, as First and then Second Collar Communication explains. Often the commitment between Trainer and Pup is ratified with an understanding of your rights as a pup as well. And a Trainer and Owner usually wishes for a pup to embrace values. We at Sirius Pup try to follow these ones

Self Control is at the heart of many BDSM experiences, but it's central to pup play. As a human pup you are constantly responding to both internal and external stimuli. Your mind is usually thinking, your body usually receiving signals, better described as input, from outside. Your body also responds to more than the external world, it reacts to your thoughts and feelings that you generate internally within you. Self control is absolutely necessary every moment to simply not respond to everything you are experiencing. You don't react to every single input and thought and feeling. BDSM quite often highlights the essence of this self control, by pushing your mind and body to extremes you notice you are focused on a limited few things. 

Human pup play doesn't require that your mind and body be extremely stimulated to learn the value of self control. Yet a human pup does need to exercise just as much self discipline and self control as a slave being flogged and tortured. For a pup must direct her or his mind and avoid wandering off into ordinary human thought. A pup must try and change their emotional responses away from how they usually feel, whilst simultaneously restraining themselves from carrying out negative or harmful impulses and desires. All of this is the work of training the Mind, and Body, and altering Behaviour. All needing self control. 

Paying attention to your self and others is vital for self control

For a human pup to improve their self control, it helps for the Trainer to be attentive to the pups goals. With knowledge of what outcomes in pup play a person is seeking, an Owner and Trainer helps monitor and supervise a pup to work towards their goals. On their own, a pup can use a journal to monitor their progress. With perseverance, a human pup improves their self control as they resist distractions and focus on their goals. 

However, anyone's self control is a limited resource. When you focus on controlling and regulating your self, it does temporarily deplete your reserve of willpower and energy. You become less able to perform another act of self control or use willpower immediately. If you are coping with deadlines or stress, you are less likely to be able to exercise self control on a whole host of other outcomes. You might choose not to regulate your eating as well, you might become grumpy and irritable as you fail to control your behaviour. 

Attention is the key to keeping self control. Just as attending to and monitoring your efforts at goals in pup play helps improve your self control, paying attention to the stress you are under as a whole and at individual moments helps you control your self better. 

When a human pup ceases to attend to their own behaviour, self control usually fails. The ease of just being in the moment, and acting spontaneously might not seem to go hand in hand with self discipline. Many people purposefully seek human pup play as as fetish so they can "let go" and act without thinking of the consequences. They imagine they can be animals and not need self control. Clearly they haven't spent enough time with animals. Canines can and do learn self control and regulation. Most dogs can learn to sit, knowing that doing so and waiting, their food dish will soon be full. And no wolf can hunt successfully without self discipline to stalk prey. You can and should have letting go and self control. 

Human pup play often works better when training and learning has occurred, so that a human pup can play and yet still exercise self restraint in behaviours that reinforce their performance of human pup play rather than detract from it. 

A Sirius Pup focuses on body and behaviour, as well as the mind, to strengthen their self control. That work is to help a Sirius Pup remain in pup headspace better. And by understanding how and why human pup play works, a Sirius Pup can better accomplish their goals, rather than simply fulfil perhaps not understood tasks. Learning good and effective human pup play behaviours, a Sirius Pup eventually does them automatically during pup play, thus not taxing their reserve of self control. They can allow their willpower to be available to protect themselves from harm as their dormant human self can act with will if needed to do so. 

Self control is about looking after your self. 

Integrity and Honesty

Honesty and integrity as a human pup means being true to your "self", but what that "self" specifically entails we will cover further on. In general, honesty and integrity means accurately showing how you feel in public and private. It means openly explaining and being accountable for what you intend to and actually do. It means identifying your commitments when they could be relevant. It sounds like a lot, and it is.

A pup with high integrity has a wholeness to their character. That human pup accepts responsibility for their feelings and behaviours, owning them, rather than hiding behind being owned by a Master or simply following supposed instincts of an animal. There is a dangerous path for some human pups who behave in an ad hoc manner, improvising to suit to the situation and their desires and then ascribing that to their "pup self" expression or simply a desire to have pleasure. A definite purpose of Sirius Pup training is to enable a pup to develop a pup self that is values based so that their integrity is based on values and motivations they have clearly identified in training. You can have fun and be honest and have integrity. 

Pup self expression is not the only possible pitfall for integrity and honesty, as these are traits that are so over emphasised by our modern western human society that they exist in a near impossible to attain standard, and are difficult to discuss without high emotion or it being personal. It hurts to be accused of being less than totally honest or having less than perfect integrity. Any deviation from their supposed absolute is seen as "falling from grace", a term which reveals the often religious underpinning of these high expectations. So readers beware, you are probably automatically biased to fall into goose step line praising honesty and integrity automatically as vitally important. What I wish to illuminate here is why they are important, along with many other values, for a Sirius Pup. They aren't meant to be values to judge each human pup harshly on, nor censure the less than perfect. So let's understand what they are in greater depth. 

Being a human pup means choosing to be different from the ordinary and expected

Honesty is more than just being sincere and truthful. It is an underpinning of integrity. As a human pup, you want your behaviour to be honest, to be consistent with what you say your values are - you practice what you preach. The use of of that religion laden phrase is deliberate. It is to remind us all that often our values are foisted upon us by other agencies, not just our parents or teachers. By engaging in human pup play you are choosing to explore out of the norm sexual expression, so you are likely to understand that you are best served by choosing your own set of values, not just those thrust upon you by local society. At this point I should remind people to actually consider values that are pro social and worthy of human pup play, yet it is not my job to decide what good values are. That is in fact your job. And that's the big part of integrity. It is more important to be true to yourself than to be popular. It is also important to be sensible and choose what self you want to be that will benefit you and the world. Ultimately your integrity as a human pup is found by embracing the fact that you have to decide for yourself who you want to be, and then be it. Just don't expect good results if you choose to be a dickhead. 

As I mentioned in the first sentence, your integrity as a human pup is contingent on your understanding that your pup self is a role you play. Your pup self is a lived character in an unfolding personal drama that is your bdsm life. Your pup self is a story, a narrative you can believe and participate in that gives you goals, gives you standards of behaviour and ways to interact, and gives you relief and defence against anxiety as a human. 

As a person you can benefit from this integrity to your pup self. The more you explore and understand how you feel and think, how you express a self, the more honest you will become. It gives you a chance to adapt and grow and make positive changes in your life from that honesty. 

Integrity is an important value a human pup can possess, and it will develop through human pup play as you - a human being - feel free to create a pup self that is interesting and important to you. Your pup self is authentic and real to you, coming from an internal world, coming out of you from within. As a human being you complete the loop , showing integrity once again, by acknowledging and owning that you create this pup self. 

Anti social values have consequences

A vital component of honesty is recognising that integrity and honesty don't exist in a vacuum. They exist in society, in your social sphere. Having integrity usually leads to positive interpersonal exchanges, it results in good relationships. An honest and authentic pup is liked more of course, but we have to recognise why lying occurs. Sometimes a pup can be tempted to be deceitful to be liked or cared for. This action only yields a temporary success, as people dislike being deceived. So dishonesty to get approval or care backfires badly in the long run. A deceptive human pup is inhibiting his positive personal growth and risking his good relations with others. 

As stated before, the very words honesty and integrity are often treated as moral absolutes in human society, despite the fact that lying and deception are taught to children by their parents everywhere- santa claus is an easy example. Kids are told lies and given the idea that its ok for adults to lie to the ignorant, to kids, for all manner of reasons. So as people we end up becoming skilled at deception, but judged harshly for using that skill. 

Being a human pup, you can strengthen your personal integrity and honesty by developing a pup self that is adequate in expressing your real feelings and personality. By drawing from your internal world, you can express truths about you that may be stymied or thwarted by your human life. Sirius Pup training covers being passive, aggressive, and assertive in self expression so that a pup can tap into under expressed feelings and give them a safe place to be expressed. You get to choose what pup you will be, and then act that way - thus achieving integrity. That expression of your pup self to your Owner and Pack demonstrates your honesty. A Sirius Pup is asked to think on and develop some specific social values -such as bravery and open mindedness, rational calm and curiosity - so that you become a healthy and happy pup in our pack.

Ultimately what you are as a pup is up to you, and you have to choose to be honest about why, how, and when you do all you do as a human pup to show any integrity.